Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The only consistant factor in life, is change...

Hello Friends!

Yes, thank goodness... Mariah FINALLY updated her blog! Most people would see the title and start to feel some negative vibes, but the vibes are quite the opposite of negative. Go ahead and strap yourselves down to your office chair, come take a little adventure with me.

Where to begin! Let's start with April, on Easter Sunday. Ryan Rose, Parelli Protege, and 3 star Instructor, gave us a visit from Florida. He spent half of the day with Sundance and I, preparing for our fast track and externship late 2010 and early 2011 (more surprises on that to come!). I had a blast, learning more, especially from someone I had already had time to spend with, it was much more relaxing! We went through three savvies, Online, Liberty, and Freestyle. Sundance and I were taught how to do the regular tasks, at Level 4 quality. Level 4 is Level 1 with excellence, all tasks at longer distances with a phase 1. Pat Parelli is looking for students that don't just do all the tricks, but do the SIMPLE THINGS WITH EXCELLENCE. My goal, until November, is to do all tasks with excellence. Whether it is studying at home, cleaning the barn, or riding bareback and bridle-less, it needs to be simply excellent.

Speaking of Ryan Rose, (besides his simple excellence as a Parelli Professional!), I would like to point out the fact that he is an introvert. I would also like to point out that naturally, I am an introvert. Who? Mariah? NO! I know, if you met me, there would be absolutely no guessing that, everyone thinks that I am an extrovert when they first meet me. But those that truly know me OR have seen me in an uncomfortable situation, know that I really am introverted. Becoming an extrovert, has become a learned behaviour. In order to be successful with people, I have had to learn to become extroverted, and I think I take on the roll well UNTIL, I meet another introvert! If I have a room that mostly consists of extroverts, I can feed off of their energy. If I have a room of introverts, I have no energy to feed from. If I am in a new situation, e.g. doing a simulation with someone important like Pat or Linda Parelli and the mastery students, or meeting new introverted people, I become a right brained introvert, VERY tense!!! As for my point, when I spent that time alone with Ryan, I found myself much more quiet than usual. If I have ever met you, or spent time with you, and you are an introvert (Bethanie Lewis!), it is not because I do not like you. It is because; I am imitating your energy, which is my natural energy! I find it so interesting how my energy and personality changes in different situations and people, and has given me a whole new outlook to how my horses change in their own ways in their own different situations. NOW you know a little more about who Mariah is! :-)

As between Easter Sunday and last Sunday, I do believe most of my time was spent finishing up high school, teaching, farriering, studying and playing with the ponies. There is not much to say for the ponies, they are all beautiful inside and out. Our little Aamira is growing up! She is stunningly beautiful, and her eternally flowing extroverted energy ever inspires me. She is a blast to play with, and has the personality that has the makings of a super horse. We are playing in Level 3, starting long line driving and doing more and more liberty. We have a little pony saddle and pad; she will carry it around with no problems. I do believe she is desensitized to every object possible, besides a space ship, and has put every object possibly known to man in her mouth. I am very much excited about her future, and enjoying her as much as possible while she is young, I know that time will fly very fast. Sundance is a booger, such a sweetheart. I don't know what I have done to deserve such an angel in disguise; he is such a gentleman and definitely a partner of my heart. We of course have our difficult days, but his heart is so deeply genuine, there is no frustration or anger, because we know both of us are trying just as hard as the other. He constantly proves to me that WE are excellent, but MARIAH has a lot to learn. I do believe Sundance is another Magic, Casper or Remmer, they are such exceptionally complex creations that you have to continually believe and prove to them that you are worthy to be a partner to something so magnificent. He truly is a gift, and I plan to earn more of him, as long as he lives.

Speaking of life... it reminds me of time, and how fast it goes by. Breeze turned 28 in April. Sundance turned 10 years old on Memorial Day. Bebe turned 7 years old on June 3. When Bebe turns another year older, I tear up, because of the remembrance of his entrance to our property at a tender 2 and 1/2 years of age. Bittersweet, because I am reminded that none of us are immortal, but that I have raised a horse of phenomenal manners, personality, capability and beauty. I am very proud of the creature Bebe has become, he is another partner that I am truly blessed to work with every day.

On a less equestrian note, I graduated from high school last Saturday afternoon. We held the ceremony at my home, 80 people attended and supported me in this next large step in life... now my life truly starts. It turned out fabulously, as all the people that are dear to my heart came and celebrated with me. I ended up presenting a speech to all of them, totally unrehearsed, successfully. I planned it that way, because I know I will be doing the same types of speeches, unrehearsed, in front of hundreds of horsemen, and to be very truthful... I loved it! I really enjoy speaking in front of people, and can't wait to have another opportunity to do so.

So now, I have graduated from high school! What is next? You already know! Parelli University. I am taking this summer to play with horses, teach, farrier and study books, books, BOOKS! From the list that Pat Parelli has recommended for his mastery students.

Here is a list that I have already read...

Natural Horsemanship - Pat Parelli

Frogs into Princes - Neuro Linguistic Programming - Richard Bandler and John Grinder

The Inner Game of Tennis - W. Timothy Gallway

Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement - Susan E. Harris

PROCESSING - Grooming to Win - Susan E. Harris

Raise Your Hand if you Love Horses - Pat Parelli

True Unity - Tom Dorrance

PROCESSING - The Revolution in Horsemanship - Robert Miller, Rick Lamb, Hugh Downs

Natural Horsemanship: Explained - Robert Miller

Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horses Mind - Robert Miller

(There are many more, but I am at the beach now, and don't have my library at home to go through!) If anyone has any more books that they would find helpful for me to know, please email me your recommendations to

I am trying my best to learn as much as I can before I make my way to Parelli University this November. Yes! Only four months to go. I will be attending Fast Track #4, with Sundance, which will last until November 26, 2010. Sundance and I will mosey our way back home to catch our breath, and celebrate my 19th birthday on December 15, 2010. Then we will celebrate Christmas and New Years, with family. Our plan is to start our externship together on January 15, 2011, and stay the full 3 months, working our hindquarters off. My goal, Lord willing, is to leave with honors, as a two star Parelli Professional. I hope I can work hard enough to be able to earn that title, and I plan to do what it takes, even if I almost lose my sanity in the process. Just kidding, I've already lost it, but who said sanity was any fun anyways? ;-) For more information on the Parelli Professionals Program, please visit, About Parelli, click on Instructors.

I apologize for the lack of photographs in this post, as I am logged on to a foreign computer at the beach! But you should find a photograph of mine in the August Savvy Times as students of the program and I discuss the topic of sharing Parelli, confidently and correctly, to people of unnatural horsemanship backgrounds. Be looking for it soon! I am sure it will be of great help to all of you that are just as passionate about the program as I am.

Thank you all for listening to my gab, I hope it all made sense and maybe even inspired you! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at

Cheers! XOXO

Mariah Helms