Monday, November 30, 2009

Contemplating Level 4 Online and Liberty Assessment Send-In


     As the title says, I do believe I will send it in. I have printed out the Audition Assessment sheets, and Sundance and I are ready. I have looked over the Level 4 Online and Liberty passes on Youtube, and I know we can do that and more. I came up with some SUPER ideas last night around 11 PM, the only time I really get to think! Fabio and I are getting ready to knock socks off! Well, at least that's our goal. Hopefully the videos will be up within a couple of weeks, I am not in a rush and I want this to be high quality. I am shooting for a Level 4++ pass AND I have to beat Jesse Peters anyway, he said he wants me to pass Level  4 before he does. Well, that was a mistake! Because I took him seriously, and I WILL! So, Mister Jesse, be looking for an email soon containing my passing videos. XOXOXOXO


Here are pictures of miss Aamira from the past weekend, she's a real doll!...

November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009 (a)

Here's one I received from Beth of her first weekend here... Thanks B!



Savvy out, sweet hearts... until next time...


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Aamira - Full of Life, Prosperous, Princess

     We have welcomed into our herd, another family member! Aamira, she is an 8 month old silver bay Arabian filly. I was visiting a friend of mine, who is a chicken and cow farmer, and saw that they had this baby. They are not horse people, but this baby had been given to their very young daughter as the breeder did not want her. She was bottle fed, as an orphan as there was something wrong with the mother. She had not been properly socialized, imprinted or halter broken, she has stayed in a field with a much older Arabian gelding that is not touchable. They needed help with her, as they could not do anything with her. So Sunday, November 15, 2009, I trailer loaded her, it took about 1 hour, I was so proud of her! She will be here a while, and I do not think Aamira should stay and live with her previous owner, as they are not used to training horses and have younger children, Aamira, at such a young age and a high strung bloodline, could hurt the children. I will be talking with them, and see if I could find them  an older horse that is trained and does not need much maintenance for their children.

     She has been here for 7 days, today, and is doing VERY well. She is VERY smart, at the moment she is a Left-Brained Extrovert. As for now, she has had all wonderful first experiences. She now...

- Loads on the trailer

- Clips

- Leads on ground and ponies from saddle

- Ties

- Accepts hooves being touched and worked on

- Plays at liberty, stick 2 me et cetera

- Stands on pedestal

- Accepts pads on back at stop and walk

- Accepts girth simulation on barrel and flank

- Accepts humans on her back, one of my younger smaller students have ridden her whilst I hold her

- Leads by the legs, front and back

- Yo-yo game

- Porcupine game

- Accepts handling all over

- Squeeze game

     I plan on going on a trail ride and ponying her this afternoon after I get done with some paper work. I have big dreams for her! She has ended up being the baby I have always wanted, start from scratch, no work done, mold the clay myself. I plan on giving her the foundation levels, and start her under saddle myself between 2-3 years old, which by far seems like it will be a non-event! I will teach with her as I travel, she should be perfect. She should last me a good while too as an equine traveling partner, because she will start at such a young age. Sundance won't be young forever! I am hoping that she will stay small too, I hope she does not exceed 14.2 hh, I love small horses. She has the sweetest little features too, I hope she keeps her silver also, wouldn't it be wonderful to have a silver bay? She is a gift, from God, just what I needed at this time of my journey.

     She is so precious, I keep her with me in the arena any time I play or teach, she is my teaching assistant! Everywhere I go she is right behind me, no matter what, breathing on my hand or trying to figure out what I am writing on my papers. She is such a joy, such a gift. She looks for me for protection from the big bad horses, but is slowly accepting them. She is staying with Sundance in a separate pasture, they have gotten along very well. I can't wait for my Healthy Stride farrier to fix her feet too, we've got to have her developing correctly and to the best of her ability. I am going  to make sure she has the best start a horse could have on life. I plan on taking pictures of her every week so we can watch her grow!

Here is our future superstar, Aamira! Look for her on the road with me next year...

Posing with Cathy, best friend and student!...


Playing with a hula-hoop, NO problem Mom!...


Tying, like the good little angel she is!...


Stealing mommies food, while I attempt to teach!...


Snuggling with Beth, a new savvy student... (Note, silver in her mane!)



     I ordered my New Level 4 from Parelli yesterday, I am pretty much done with Level 4, but it will be VERY nice to have some structure and reaffirming of what I am supposed to do. I am going to take a look at the Level 4 Online assessment sheet and decide if I want to go ahead and send that in, instead of waiting... I know we're ready, I think it's a good time to do this.. Sundance and I are keeping a daily journal of what we are playing with, so we can watch our progress and make sure we are on the right track. Here is today's entry...

November 22, 2009


Level 4/5 Online - Halter, 12 ft line, Carrot stick and Savvy String

- Circling game backwards at end of 12 ft line

*He is understanding the long distance backing much more  today, I think he has it. He understands is at a 4-6 ft diameters, just needed  to understand it at a longer distance.

Level 4/5 Liberty - Carrot stick and Savvy String

- Circling game backwards at 12 ft diameter

- Sideways at 22 ft distance while I sit on barrel

*  Did very well! I am very proud!

Level 5 Online - Long lines, halter and carrot stick

- Trotting sideways

- Sideways over obstacles, jumping obstacles

- Canter circle with trot change

- Intro #3 to cantering sideways

* Everything is easy for him, except the cantering sideways. He is honestly trying very hard to physically do this, as it is very challenging! He just needs to learn to stay straight and it will make it easier for him. This task is physically challenging for him, so it will take consistent repetition, but I know for a fact that he can do this. Once he gets it, it will be a no-brainer for him.

     Sundance and I are having a blast together, sparkling all the way. He is such a good boy. Life has been SO busy, but VERY rewarding. I love my job and my life, I would not trade it for anything. You know you have found your  passion for your life when you can't wait to get out and do it, and it feels like the first time all over again. When you get up at 5 AM, so you can get it done right, and have no problem doing it. I am so blessed to be on this journey, and the best is yet to come.

We have not heard from Parelli about Reina, all we know is that she is doing well and Ryan, a student there, is working with her consistently and successfully. Lauren said she will email us with her current progress, but that was a couple weeks ago, so I am going to call Pat's office again to see if we can get an update of some sorts.

     Please pray for our family, my father is working hard, and we all see this future equine facility as a family job and passion, the door has opened up for us to buy the property we told Pat Parelli about. Where we will build the Parelli "Home Away from Home" Center. The economy is bad here in America, and it has affected everyone. Please pray that somehow we can afford this land, we see it all mapped out in front of us, and it looks clearer and clearer every day. We may start acquiring in as little as 6 months, but it takes faith and good friends. I know I have both, so your support would be very appreciated by sending prayers and positive thoughts our way.

It was great catching up with all of you, I apologize for the lack of posting the past couple weeks, but I hope you enjoyed this one.

Yours Naturally,

Mariah Helms