Thursday, March 31, 2011

Externship - DAY 71 - Thunderstorms, Rats, Cockroaches and Curious Fast Trackers

This morning we all woke up with a boom! Literally, there were thunder and lighting storms all around us as we rushed to get out of our little trailer and off to safety. We ran out in the drenching rain with our Parelli rain coats and fed our hungry sopping partners, the lodge offered us warmth and safety as we ate breakfast and waited for direction for the morning. We were sent to the Draft Barn, in its previous life, a Giraffe Barn when the facility was a private zoo. It is now a zoo to hosting giant rats and pesky cockroaches, we were asked to clean the place up as a team. We followed the core value of doing more with less, getting it done with a little fun and exceeding expectations. We all had a blast as we creeped into the unknown and found trinkets that are probably older than we may be ourselves. The whole place was scrubbed clean and we were proud! Nate gave us a few tips with the draft horses, and then we met Berin to watch the beginnings of the old Level 3, Refinement, with Pat Parelli and Liberty Major. We had lunch and then myself and another extern had the privelidge of being the voice for the externs while the current fast trackers asked us questions about our roles and experiences. I went back and spent undemanding time with my horse and cleaned up, we had dinner and cleaned up. We are currently finishing homework that Berin has given us and using up as much precious time we have left, because as of tomorrow we only have 7 days left as externs. I am currently mentally and emotionally preparing myself for the trip up to Georgia to spend time with Marc De Champlain and then to home again, where I will start yet another chapter in my life. I am ready for it, I know everything that is supposed to happen will happen and I will make the best of it. But then again we have 7 WHOLE DAYS left, so stick with me at least until then. See you tomorrow!

Pat Parelli on Troubadour at the NVRHA clinic on a misty morning...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Externship - DAY 70–Personal Horsemanship, Game of Contact and Hay Run

This morning was beautiful and humid, we had another absolutely wonderful game of soccer. We are all a bit more motivated, we have a game next week! I had the chance to call my parents before we played to tell them good morning, I do love my family so and can’t wait to see them. I also love my Parelli family here, they are the bee’s knees! It’s great to have both. Berin was caught up in meetings this morning, so we all got started on the tasks we played with yesterday morning.

This morning Sundance set it up to where we needed to play with him accepting the bit, canter to halt to backwards transitions at liberty on a circle, and then follow the rail and point to point at a trot, canter and gallop. He really taught me a lot today, I really enjoy being his partner and being able to learn from him. I am quite privileged to have such great teachers around me. We took a savvy trail ride with a couple in our group, playing with impulsion and weave amongst each other.

We made our way to lunch and then Group B, our group went to hay with Nate and the drafts, Thunder and Lightning. We loaded all 40 bales and then hayed the whole ranch, while it was pouring rain, thundering and lightning. We laughed, joked and sang the whole way… it was beautiful and I really truly will always remember it. We made our way back to the campers, where I had the chance to dry out and change. We are about to head to dinner and do dishes, we will watch some homework Parelli DVD’s afterwards. We are supposed to play with Linda tomorrow, so we will see!

NVRHA Competition

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Externship–DAY 69–Game of Contact, Trail Ride, Administration Class and Trimming with Zoe

This morning we had a great game of soccer, we have another match with apprentices and proteges next weekend! We met with Berin and all played with the game of contact, I also had a chance to go out into an open pasture to play with some games at the end of the 45 foot line and some long line driving. After we played with the game of contact, I decided to go on a relaxing trail ride with my friends… all three of us adventured around the block and back and then to lunch.

We had lunch and then joined LeAnn in administration class, where we had our last session full of great marketing/advertising tips, then understanding communication styles with all different kinds of people. I do believe I am a very kinesthetic person with auditory on the side! I really enjoyed the session, it was great. We rode our horses back to the station, grabbed dinner, did dishes then came back and Zoe gave me a lesson on barefoot trimming with Hoksila. It was GREAT! I really enjoyed it, she is wonderful. I have to feed Sundance and get ready for tomorrow, so I will talk with you soon!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Externship - DAY 65, 66, 67 & 68–Friday Preparation, NVRHA Clinic with Pat Parelli and Martin Black (Day 1 & 2), and Game of Contact with Linda Parelli

What a weekend! Friday was very relaxing and rewarding, the morning was spend with a wonderful learning session with Berin on getting us as partners to take our idea and making it theirs! In this case we wanted their idea to jump over a single barrel out of their own will power. We had personal horsemanship time and then left early to run some important errands! We came back to get Sundance shoed but we had our times mixed up and it didn’t work out. We took him back and spruced up his hooves as much as we could for cosmetics. I gave him a bath with purple shampoo to get him really white!

We packed my tack and went to dinner, cleaned up, got dressed and went to the big rodeo! It was very entertaining but painful to watch, not many good horsemen there… very good cowboys but not many horsemen. We got to bed then woke up at 5 am to had over to Martin Blacks Florida farm, we started the clinic and my group worked with Pat on the reining cow horse portion for 3 hours. We had lunch then worked with the president of NVRHA, Dave, on trail class and showmanship for 3 hours. We ran over to where Martin Blacks was working and he coached our group on cutting cattle out… I LOVE IT! We ran over to the roping dummies and got some tips on roping savvy from horseback. After all of those classes, we spent at the least 10 hours in the saddle! We dropped the horses back off at the ranch and went to eat some pizza then came home to get some rest!

The next morning we got up at 6 am and got to Martin’s place and started the competition at 9 am… my classes went from the cutting class, to the showmanship, to trails, to reining cow horse patterns then the ranch horse conformation class. Once all that was over we met up and everyone was given their rewards, I was blessed enough to be awarded with the 5th place ribbon on the trail class. I am very proud of Sundance and I learned a ton, I was fed with a shovel… there were no spoons there to use! We made our way home and ate a bit of dinner then hurried to bed! It was hard to get up this morning, but it was beautiful morning. Absolutely terrifyingly humid and miserably sweaty during soccer but we cooled down and spent half of our morning in the classroom with Linda for the Game of Contact presentation.

Then the other half was doing simulations with Linda, I heard all of this during my fast track last November… she has truly dedicated herself to never ending improvement. We had lunch and my afternoon was spent on the hay run, I gave Sundance a shower and myself and am updating here so I can get to bed early… I think us that were on the hay run and missed the afternoon of riding with Linda, are getting to make up on it at 6:45 pm at the black arena with Lyndsey Fitch. So I have to scoot! Thank you for patiently waiting for an update over the weekend. Great to be back and I will talk with you tomorrow!

Friday night Florida Rodeo...

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Externship–DAY 64–Personal Horsemanship, Setting up the Seat Builder, Horsemanship, Facility Class and Meeting

Tonight’s post will be somewhat short and I do believe I will be a little quiet this weekend because as of tomorrow morning I will be going non-stop! We should be helping load up the big Parelli rig for a big show this weekend on tomorrow afternoon, then we will have dinner and as soon as chores are done we will be leaving for the rodeo that afternoon. I have to take Sundance to Jim Crew at 3:00 pm tomorrow to get him shoed too, I can’t forget that! I have to get Sundance super clean for the clinic this weekend, we will be leaving super duper early on Saturday morning to participate in the Ranch Versatility clinic that Pat Parelli and Martin Black are teaching.  They will be filming which is also tons of fun! Our little group is very excited about this weekend, I am very excited too.

This morning we had soccer, Berin surprised us and jumped in and beat us… shame shame! Then we met up and talked, myself and two other people set up our own personal extern/intern seat builder. (hand run bucking bull) Then tallied up our horses and did some personal horsemanship, had a great liberty and freestyle session. Linda, Lauren, Hillary, Lyndsey and Amy came gallivanting on their beautiful horses! What a wonderful surprise. Berin juggled in between us and talking with them as we learned about being suave with going from a walk, to a hindquarters in, to sideways to back all in one smooth transitions… we all tried it at a trot, it was a lot of fun.

We came  in late and didn’t have much time for lunch, I grabbed some toast and went to see Jim Kiser for our last wonderful facility class… very sad it is ending, as I really enjoyed that class, I am sure I will learn more from him in my internship! We met early for our 4:30 pm class and the fast trackers and also Mark Weiler joined us this time, they showed a video of  a recent meet with Pat, Linda, Mark, Sue and Niel about the Parelli Foundation. It was very inspirational and I am even more proud of Parelli, as if I could be more proud!

We had dinner and did dinner duty, then ran errands and took care of our horses… I am very ecstatic about the weekend, I need to get some rest so I can run on full batteries! Oh well, talk soon guys! Be patient if you don’t hear from me until Sunday or Monday… I will try my best to send as many pictures throughout the day from my phone! 

Mark Weiler talking with the group at the 5:30 pm meeting... facility class with Jim Kiser...

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Sideways on the move... horsemanship session with Berin....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Externship–DAY 63–Precision Pen Set Up, Cash False Alarm, and Drill Team Demonstration Time

Today was quite the adventure, but that’s what I love! We started off with a slow soccer game, but then ran over and grabbed the chalker and started chalking a 20x60 precision pen where our soccer field was once marked. It was great working with the team, we took a break and had to run to the bank to grab some cash to pay for the clinic this weekend… the online registration form was not working so we had to hurry and print it out to give to Berin so we could reserve our spots! I hope I can be a good representation of Parelli there, all I want to do there is to make Parelli proud and for people to see that Parelli helps ordinary people like me, do extraordinary things! Friday night we all plan on going to the big rodeo, we are super excited. In the mean time, we are all getting prepared for this weekend.

Back on track, after I got back from the bank, Berin called us all over to the pastures where the mothers-to-be are pastured so we could watch a potential foaling. No one really knows but Cash had seemed to be having a digestional problem, the baby was fine. I am not sure if she is okay right now, it was all pretty severe so everyone is pretty concerned. Cash is pretty tough, I am sure she and the baby will pull through.

After the false alarm, we met back over and measured our precision pen… we were only half a meter off! We had lunch, and then met up to see each others demos. Music, props and all! One group went to go, and the car wash toy cracked loud and scared the horses into a gallop… everyone was fine except for one person who bumped her head, we’ve got her in our thoughts for the headache to go away! She will be fine as far as I know, she’s tough too. Our group went after everyone calmed down, and our demo turned out to be WAY better than we expected. We were SO ecstatic! We should have a video up for you soon!

We went and had personal horsemanship time where I tested my B2 bit on Sundance for the weekend, he felt AMAZING! What a change, he felt very very very good! Zoe’s parents came in today and invited me to dinner, so I had the privilege of joining them, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

We came back and cared for our horses and talked a bit, now it is time for bed and time for another wonderful day… we don’t have much time left, and I plan on enjoying as much as I can and learning as much as I can from everyone. I am very blessed to have this opportunity.

Not in labor, something else is going on... vet trying to figure it out...

Cash walking to settle herself...

Watching on as Cash shows she is ready to foal... we have our fingers crossed, she's a month early.

Externs and Interns setting up a precision pen...

Greeting fast trackers from horse back... Drill team practice... pulling the cow...

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Externship–DAY 62–Simulation Fun and Teaching Rotations

Today was one of the most fun days yet for Sundance and I. This morning Berin taught us about setting our horses up for success when dragging objects like tires, cones, logs and fake cows! Berin brought out the fake metal cows and Sundance and I were confident enough to drag it, it was really heavy! I was so proud of Sundance, we really get along well especially when we have a purpose to what we were doing. This stuff is what I want to do, one of the students convinced me that I was ready to participate in the Martin Black clinic National Versatility Ranch horse clinic and competition this weekend, I will be hauling over with another student do participate with Sundance… our first REAL clinic. I should be going to a rodeo this Friday afternoon too, so I am very much beyond excited.

This afternoon I had the chance to learn from Ryan Rose, as he headed the small yet wonderful round of fast trackers in testing, specifically Tammy, a coach that I had the wonderful opportunity to work with! It was a blast, and great to learn from so many different people. We took care of our ponies, had dinner, fought with a couple of computers! Lost, and spent time with each other… now I am preparing for tomorrow, should be a wonderful day. I am going to try to ride more the rest of the week in preparation for the clinic… I have a a feeling tomorrow is going to be a good day, I can feel it in my bones. Can you?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Externship–Day 61–Fast Track Check-In and Drill Team Practice

This morning started at a moon lit 5:00 am, six of us were blessed enough to be picked to greet the fast trackers on horseback. I slipped in through the night in my black hat and jacket, white button up shirt, dark wranglers and my best boots and spurs. I quietly greeted him and saddled up, we made our way to meet all of the externs at the office across the road at the lodge. We spend our time in the saddle from then until 12:00 pm, after that I rode back and printed out my resumes and turned that into LeAnn for my potential employment until my Internship in October.

We had a bit 0f lunch and myself and a fellow group B member helped me with the lunch dishes. We made our way across the road to work on our drills in our groups that Berin assigned us to perform at the end of this week… our timing was great and we all had a ton of fun! Afterwards I swam with Sundance across the pond,  had a meeting, took a shower and fed, watered and cleaned Sundance up.

We had dinner, I tended to Sundance a bit more and now we are all about to get together and study. I am very content with this day, and thankful for all I have… including my wonderful Parelli family.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Externship - DAY 60 - Hunker Down, Long Line Driving, Clean Up and Parelli Games

Friday morning, Day 60, was started by playing the hunker down game... improving our balance and rope handling skills. If you aren't savvy you WILL get rope burns! After we did that we met with Berin in the spotlight turnout field where we had the soccer game and played with long line driving on our 45 foot lines across the field. Berin sent us to lunch and back walking with our horses while playing with our long line driving, we went over and let our horses swim in the lake and then my family came up and joined us for lunch! We met Berin after lunch and he gave us our assignments, cleaning up pens and picking up spanish moss.

After we did our chores we walked our horses back across to the education station and ran back to the lodge to meet Berin to help set up for the Parelli games, I helped but our group did not have Parelli games Saturday. My family came and picked me up, I gathered my stuff and went to the hotel for a spa shower and went out to eat... I am really enjoying my time with my family today and will have time with them until Monday.

I am supposed to meet LeAnn on Monday morning to help with the new round of fast trackers, can't wait to see the new group come in! I will be concentrating on my family and not blogging until Monday. Today was spent resting, catching up on shopping, checked on Fabio and went out to eat at Bonefish with my family and friends. Tomorrow I will ride Sundance, do laundry, oil boots and saddles and who knows what else! I will talk with you soon, have a great weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Silly ponies in the lillies...

Sundance in the pond...

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monarch butterfly by the creek...

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Playing the hunker down game... finding a feel! Don't fall off the bucket!

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Playing the bucket game...

Roping in the morning...

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Externship - DAY 59 - Soccer Preparation, Roping Savvy, Personal Horsemanship, Demo Team and Soccer Tournament

Today has once again been a very exciting and inspiring day! We woke up, took care of our horses, and met up to prepare for our soccer tournament. We talked with Berin a bit then ran to get the chalker and chalked out a huge soccer field in a turnout pasture... was really proud of our team, they did awesome. We met at the intern tack room with Berin and he had us to some tasks to up our savvy with the 45 foot line... he taught us the beginnings of learning to rope, and we are to have the rope on us 24/7 until he says otherwise! We will see how savvy we can get, I am excited to practice.

After our exercises we saddled our horses and had our horsemanship time, I played with him at liberty and he did very well. I could tell that I personally was going to fast, was being impulsive, if I slowed it down it would have went even better! I rode my horse across the road and ate some lunch, then met with Berin again to work our our demo savvy and he had us split up and coordinate a demo to do in 2 songs or 6 minutes while riding our horses freestyle, I have such a great team and we did simulations on the ground with each other and wrote everything down, we are looking to start practicing with our horses tomorrow and over the weekend. I rode Sundance back across the road and prepped for the soccer tournament, then we played! I stayed out on the field the whole time as a defense player, it was so much fun! Every one did a great job and we all had so much fun, our team ended up scoring higher but in our hearts everyone was a winner! Everyone showed great teammanship.

To my happy surprise my family showed up during the soccer game! I didn't expect them until tomorrow, I am so glad they made it today! I greeted my beautiful family, so did my parelli family. We did chores and ate dinner, ran an errand and now we are doing homework and working on some resumes for my possible stay here as an employee in Florida until my internship in October... it is still very much up in the air, so it's no guarantee but we will see where it takes me! Hoping to get to bed early tonight, really in need for some rest... I will talk with you tomorrow!

Chalking it out...

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The Tournament

Preparing for the big Soccer tournament... Externs and Interns VS Appretices and Proteges! Using our pacing learned from Jim Kiser, no need to measure! Chalking it out and Berin mowing out the feild... teamwork rocks!

Externship–DAY 58–Trail ride, Trailer Loading, Analyzing by Jim Crew and Old Level 2 Kit Review

Today was one of the most peaceful and relaxing learning days for the externs it seems. We woke up and had fun challenging ourselves and each other with a soccer game (tournament against the apprentices and proteges tomorrow!) and then met up with Berin, we were assigned to saddle up and ride across the road to the play ground. So we saddled and made our way over where a student and Berin addressed a horse with issues with the trailer and specifically the hindquarter bar, this horse was blind in one eye and had been in a car accident before so he had a very logical reason to show issues. Berin showed quite an impressive bit of savvy and I learned a lot about how to make the most of a situation, how to be savvy with what you are doing and what you have. Sundance and another extern rode up to Pat’s barn to have our horses shoed by Jim Crew… Jim watched me ride and gave me some pointers, he said he was moving beautifully and told me to take my saddle off (which is a Parelli natural performer western saddle). He set it up on the fence and told me to come look, my saddle was wrong. It was out of balance and Sundance’s atrophy on one side was explained, he had taken a couple of falls over the years in that saddle and the saddle was whacked out of balance… the only thing I can do is to get a felt pad for now so he won’t feel the difference so strongly, and to get a new saddle. Looks like I will have to look harder for a ranch roper after all… We ran to the tack store to buy a felt pad during lunch then came back and met in the student lounge to watch the oldest Level 2 kit taught by Pat, our assignment was to take notes on it neatly like a summary… after that we did chores and had dinner, and a couple of us met back up again to watch some mastery DVD’s at the lounge, really enjoyed watching Pat work with some really advanced students! Tomorrow should be a fun day, not sure how it will go as we may have a soccer game at 3:00 pm? Oh well, it’s another adventure…

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trailer Loading Demonstration

Trailer loading demonstration across the road with a horse that has confidence issues with the hindquarter bar on the trailer...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Externship - DAY 56 & 57–Horsemanship, Cleaning Up and Precision Pen Paces

Yesterday and today were fabulous days… both mornings started out the same, a very exhilarating game of soccer then horsemanship time. On day 56, Berin had us meet at one of the round pens without horses so we could watch him play with his horse Jasmine with liberty concepts and then with Muffet with the flank rope concepts.

On day 57 he instructed us to play with the flank rope concepts on our horses then saddle up, he did a mini-demo and talk on gate savvy and our horses helping us by taking up their responsibilities rather than hindering us. We then had personal horsemanship, on the first day I played at liberty and slowed things down, and I played with zone 5 driving fluidity at liberty. I do believe that was one of the best sessions I have ever had with him, it was beautiful and flowing with almost NO brace… it was beautiful, if so courageous to say so.

The next day I decided to play with his impulsion for my personal horsemanship time, we ride across the road and played with keeping it slow with no brace. Yesterday we had a good lunch, today we ran to get oats and hoof casting because all of the stores we needed to go to would be closed by the time we got off for the day! Yesterday we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the facility from the previous fast track, we cleaned everything! All of us were very proud of the beautiful end result. We had dinner, took care of our horses then baked cookies to celebrate.

This afternoon was spent with Jim Kiser and learning how to make a precision pen with your legs and arms, nothing else, no equipment and no savvy string… and was just about dead accurate, I learned a TON TON TON from this class and absolutely loved it. I know I will use this information for the rest of my life, if not every day of the rest of my life from now on!

This afternoon we did chores, took care of our horses, dinner and then came back and worked with our horses again. Tomorrow it looks like we will have soccer, horsemanship, lunch, then I am not sure the rest of the afternoon? I am sure we will get a good assignment from Berin, hopefully something that has to do with helping maintain and keep up the facility… I do believe we all enjoy helping here, it makes our hearts happy.

Tomorrow we plan on watching some mastery lessons together, which will be great for our horsemanship. So we will see how tomorrow goes! You never know here! Thanks for listening and see you then…

Facility mathematics with Jim Kiser...

Wonderful kitchen food and finding yearlings on a trail ride...

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Wonderful Family

A picture my sweet brother, Christian, sent me of my beautifully in love Mother, Tonya and Father, Ed... been married for almost 25+ years. They are responsible for getting me so far, and I love them with all my heart!

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Externship–DAY 53, 54 & 55–Time Flies When Your Changing the World

Let’s see! Day 53 was a Friday and I do believe that was a very cold day. The morning was spent playing soccer then joining Berin for a Freestyle obstacle course in the giant performance arena.  Which consisted of opening and closing a gate without touching the reins and keeping your hand on the gate the whole time, trotting to a cone then picking up a canter on the right lead. You canter through two marker cones at a canter then to a box where you stop and do direct and indirect rein both rides in the 360 without touching the reins. Then you trotted through a serpentine, then pick up a left lead and canter to one barrel, pick up the cone and drop it to the other barrel. Go canter and jump barrels, pass cones to another set of cones then back to the first set of cones. After that you go to a single barrel and sidepass over it, then go to the big green ball and roll it around all without touching reins. It was a blast! I really enjoyed doing it and watching everyone else do it to. Afterwards we went to the 180 round pen and played with the soft feel and suspension rein at different gaits, was lots of fun. For lunch we had burgers, chili, slaw, chips, icecream and soda! WOW! It was because the current Fast Track was graduating that day. What a treat! After we had lunch, all of us helped put the tables and chairs up in the cafeteria, clean out the classroom and student lounge. We were instructed to take our horses on a relaxing trailride, and that I did! After that relaxing experience we all met up to help set up for the Parelli games. After the games were set up I went across the road to clean up the facility, I ran late in doing that and it was past dinner time so we went out to eat… what a treat! We went to the grocery store to grab some things for the weekend and made our way home to catch some shuteye. It was a great day, tiring but inspiring!

Saturday was Day 54 and that morning two groups had the pleasure of helping out at the Parelli games. I was not in those two groups but I heard it went very well! I spent the morning taking care of my horse and giving him a thorough bath, very happy that he is now somewhat decently clean. Sarah came up and we went to starbucks and target to grab some items of importance! We made our way back and fed our horses their lunch and grabbed some of our own, then came back to groom them and ride. I do have to say I had one of the biggest epiphanies with Sundance in that session, Sundance is EXTREMELY bracey under saddle and it is and was really holding us back in our riding.  I found that whenever he decided to do his own thing, be stubborn and have a brace… that I would brace as much as he was in his body and a little more. Boy did he find brace uncomfortable! I looked like a very bad rider when this did happen, but he soon found that being relaxed, centered and flowing caused me to do the same thing! So I was able to trot him around the whole facility, even to his pen where he has a HUGE brace and draw, at a very slow rhythmic jog. I was ecstatic to say the least, I could hardly contain myself but I did. I am very excited to ride him today. After we rode we went and cleaned out the whole trailer, it looks better than when we first found it! We are very happy about our new little humble abode. We made our way to dinner then cared for our horses, we watched a movie together and fell asleep as a happy little Parelli family. What a wonderful day… I am so thankful.

The day is still young as number 55, so far I have taken a shower, had a handyman fix the trailer, taken care of my horse, breakfast, watched a lesson with and Extern and Farrah, grabbed food from panera and we are here at the laundromat doing laundry… they have internet here, so I am seizing the opportunity, hopefully the internet will be fixed tomorrow and you will be able to hear about the rest of today and about tomorrow! See you tomorrow!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Had a great day, wonderful epic and lifechangin day... internet is down, you will get the posts from previous days as soon as the internet gets back up!

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Friday, March 11, 2011

LeAnn telling a story... obstacle courses with Berin...

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I heard the apparentley March

I heard the apparentley March is National Peanut month???

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Externship–DAY 52–Unexpected Adventures

This morning I woke up to the pitter patter of rain on the roof of our trailer, what a beautiful sound to hear. I slowly drifted from my sheets to ready myself for the day, I wonder what we will do? We took care of our cold and wet horses then ran over to the student lounge to go over presentations, we went over four presentations with my wonderful extern family. We tailed it over to the Education station and cleaned our horses up, saddled up and grabbed our 45 foot lines to play out in the pastures with the backwards 6 and falling leaf pattern, we need to play more with the falling leaf pattern and create more of a soft draw. Tomorrow I am hoping to get more personal horsemanship time to play with the written map I made out for him for our session progression.

We made our way to lunch a bit late and enjoyed some pasta and soup, we met in the office for admin rotation at two until five pm, LeAnn covered so much good material especially when it comes to treating your clientele with savvy and creating good rapport and keeping it. We had our meeting at 5:30 pm for our weekly meeting, Bill and Jim had great points about the 8 Parelli Core values. We had dinner afterwards then went to the audition room in the office and got some auditions done! We ran back over here to care for our horses and I had a chance to talk to my sweet family on skype. I am going to try to head to bed at a good hour tonight now that the opportunity has seemed to arrived, good and big weekend this time… keep your fingers crossed for a smooth one!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Externship–DAY 51–Horsemanship, Making Plans, Facility Clean Up, Play and Soccer Practice

This morning was spent on a beautiful soccer game, along with a wonderful session with Berin Macfarlane on bareback riding with one rein. Walking and trotting the weave coordinated with human weaves, and set exercises with cones while tossing the reins back and forth. I was able to figure out how to split things up with Sundance to help both of us achieve simple things with excellence. We took care of our horses once again and my group and I went to the picnic table and we all made outlines or plans for our horses specific journey, I am SO glad to write it all down and it is great to have an outline to help us stay on track for exactly what we need to play with in order to succeed. We once again tended to our horses so they would be set for the rest of the day and went to grab some lunch, for the rest of the afternoon we went as a group to clean the whole playground of the stubborn yet beautiful spanish moss. We also had the chance to clean over here at the previous Foundation now called Education Station that we stay at. We spent the rest of the afternoon doing that, then some of us grabbed our ponies and played with the assignments we had made up for our horses that morning. Sundance played with excellence on the 45 ft line, sideways and long distance communication leading up to the figure of 8 at a canter at the end of the line. Then friendly game, had a good time with that with my dear friend. We went to dinner then came back across the road to practice our soccer, I do have to say that we are getting pretty good and I am proud! A storm suddenly and violently hit us, we weren’t safe in our trailer so we went to the student lounge and grabbed some Parelli DVD’s and had a blast watching them until the storm passed… I am now ready for a good nights rest and am looking forward to another wonderful day with you tomorrow!

Externship–DAY 50–Horsemanship and Teaching Rotation

I must apologize for the short post I will be composing! I am emotionally having a great learning curve that is changing me for the better throughout all the experiences here and I am loving it. Today was spent playing a wonderful game of soccer on the full sand arena prepping for the big game then with Berin in horsemanship playing with the friendly game on the 12 foot line and halter, playing with mounting from the ground bareback jumping back and forth and becoming more savvy with the ropes. He gave us a simple yet somewhat challenging task of serpentining around each horse in a line while throwing the line over their head back and forth.

We all went on a trail ride, good emotional test for Sundance and headed to lunch. I kept Sundance across the road and had the pleasure of talking with some of the fast track students and observing a wonderful class of fast trackers headed by Kristi Smith. We took care of our horses, did facility clean up and had. We built rapport with our horses by grazing and spending undemanding time and ran to the grocery store… I have another tremendously busy day tomorrow, please keep me in your thoughts and your fingers crossed. This is a wonderful ride…

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

cowgirl in the shadows...

Observing the fast trackers from horseback, watching a fast tracker be silly...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Externship - DAY 49–Horsemanship and Presentations

This morning it was VERY cold to our surprise! We all woke up and took care of our beautiful ponies, had breakfast and joined everyone for an exhilarating game of soccer. As everyone huffed and puffed we could see their breath in the air, how beautiful are the seasons. Berin rounded the crew up and talked about what we had all learned over the weekend, then saddled up and played with the group led by Berin on freestyle tasks such as serpentining around 5 barrels while creating a nice bend in your body and in your horse.

After that session we went on a trail ride and played with that same concept on the trail until it was time for lunch. We untacked our horses and headed over to the lodge to grab some grub, then met up at the classroom at 2:00 pm to present our speeches on the topics that we were given, I was given the topic of the Paso Fino. I don’t know much and couldn’t find much but I tried to make up for it with my stage presence, enthusiasm and a handout! I don’t think it lasted long enough but I have learned… I really do like speaking!

Around five pm I had a meeting with Brian and Berin, which was very refreshing and actually caused me to let go of years of emotional issues, that I am okay as myself and that people do like me for who I am and I don’t have to put a mask on the survive in this environment. I do feel very different after letting that all go, we will see if there is a difference in me and my horse tomorrow and the weeks to come. Please keep your fingers crossed!

We had dinner then went across the street to do chores and take care of our horses, we also had some study time which is very nice. Tomorrow we should have horsemanship in the morning and then rotations in the afternoon, I am on horse development and Kallie isn’t here that I know of so I will probably be put on teaching… we will see what the day holds! All I know is that I am one tired and happy little Parelli student and I need to get some rest, Goodnight everyone, I am looking forward to tomorrow with you!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Externship–DAY 47 & 48–Busy and Beautiful Weekend

We have had an absolutely wonderful and busy weekend. Yesterday was spent by getting up early to help with the Parelli games until about 1:00 pm then to lunch and run some errands. After carpooling for errands we all ate some dinner and grabbed our horses to play. A friend of mine was gracious enough to push me to film my Level 4 liberty audition, so we filmed and Sundance just blew my socks off! We all went and played with patterns in the arena and then went for an adventurous dose of a midnight trail ride! We tucked our horses in bed in anticipation for the Martin Black roping and cowmanship clinic.

So the next morning we woke up early with our fancy Parelli clothing, just to make Parelli look even more spiffy! We fed our horses as I ran up to the lodge to pack some sandwiches and snacks for lunch time off campus. We eventually found the clinic after much confusion on the GPS’s part around 8:55 am and found the Parelli trailer to help groom off the Parelli horses and muck the big trailer, just for fun! Pat, Caton, John, Kallie, Berin, Carol and another instructor came to the clinic to learn as participants and auditors.

The morning consisted of learning some new techniques on the dummies then the afternoon was cattle savvy with a big herd of little squirts and big horned shrimps! Was very interesting to watch, I think I will leave the rough tough roping to the cowboys, I can’t see myself handling a cow that way. But it was great to watch and learn nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We helped the Parelli’s pack up and then headed over to Roma’s to eat some pizza as a group. We made our way back here late to tuck our horses in bed, we are all preparing for another daring and high speed week ahead.

Keep all your fingers crossed, am trying to get some time to talk with Berin and Brian tomorrow about a couple of topics that I think are important to my end scores, I am ready to talk with them… I do believe I have my confidence up enough to do it, we will see! Talk with you tomorrow, thanks for listening!

Martin Black clinic....