Thursday, March 10, 2011

Externship–DAY 52–Unexpected Adventures

This morning I woke up to the pitter patter of rain on the roof of our trailer, what a beautiful sound to hear. I slowly drifted from my sheets to ready myself for the day, I wonder what we will do? We took care of our cold and wet horses then ran over to the student lounge to go over presentations, we went over four presentations with my wonderful extern family. We tailed it over to the Education station and cleaned our horses up, saddled up and grabbed our 45 foot lines to play out in the pastures with the backwards 6 and falling leaf pattern, we need to play more with the falling leaf pattern and create more of a soft draw. Tomorrow I am hoping to get more personal horsemanship time to play with the written map I made out for him for our session progression.

We made our way to lunch a bit late and enjoyed some pasta and soup, we met in the office for admin rotation at two until five pm, LeAnn covered so much good material especially when it comes to treating your clientele with savvy and creating good rapport and keeping it. We had our meeting at 5:30 pm for our weekly meeting, Bill and Jim had great points about the 8 Parelli Core values. We had dinner afterwards then went to the audition room in the office and got some auditions done! We ran back over here to care for our horses and I had a chance to talk to my sweet family on skype. I am going to try to head to bed at a good hour tonight now that the opportunity has seemed to arrived, good and big weekend this time… keep your fingers crossed for a smooth one!


Tina said...

Ooh, you need to explain the backwards 6. I haven't heard that one before!

Keep up the good work!

Elisabeth said...

Thank you for sharing! I have just recently found your blog and I enjoy to read about your journey. I´m sure you will become an extremely good instructor. Wish you all luck in the future!

Samantha Thorning said...

Hi Mariah!

Can you describe the backwards 6 and falling leaf pattern? I know what the falling leaf pattern is, but wasn't sure if you meant the backwards 6 and falling leaf were done as one? Either way, haven't heard of the backwards 6 yet. :)