Thursday, August 26, 2010

RE. DAN THOMPSON 3* Parelli Professional coming to CHARLLOTE, NC

Hello Friends!


Dan Thompson, 3 Star Parelli Professional, is coming to Mariah Helms' Facility "Patch of Heaven Stables".

Located in the south Charlotte area of North Carolina, town of Wingate, NC. Located on 40 acres of Parelli paradise, packed with play grounds, arenas, trails, peaceful pastures and serene open barn for your horses to enjoy, overnight pasture and stall boarding available. Nice hotels and restaurants located just 10 minutes away from our little equestrian paradise on earth.

Sept 11 - 12, 2010, two days full and packed with endless savvy and FUN for you and your horse! Playing with advanced Levels 2 and 3.

Register soon to save your spot for this education vacation get-away! Lunch will be provided and catered by a local family owned business, so bring a couple of bucks to enjoy a gourmet meal when you break from a blast-packed morning of savvy.

Please contact Mariah Helms at or 704.499.1106 ASAP to reserve your spot! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions!

Yours Naturally,

Mariah Helms

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't You Wonder Where We've Been? Around the World and Back Again!

Hello Savvy Family,

I have had absolute blast lately, as TONS of events have been tossed my way and I caught them with complete and utmost energy and enthusiasm.

I will start with Wednesday, of two weeks ago. I heard Dan and Gretchen Thompson, 3 Star Parelli Professionals, were MOVING to North Carolina, only about 3 hours away. That got this innate introvert moving, I was totally ecstatic to say the LEAST! As I had been needing help with the infamous fabulous Fabio (Sundance), for almost a year and a half now. (I just recently finished High School (SHEW!), you know how terribly torturous and tying-down that can be. So NOW that I am FREE, I can have as much time as available to Parelli and studying with professionals.) I called their coordinator ASAP, (about as fast as my hand could get to my cell phone in my wranglers!) and had Dan come to my place in two days. He came, and hit off straight away! I learned a boat load about focus, and teaching your horse to find YOUR focus... did you know that my focus was, well, NOT there?! I had none! No wonder why Sundance's middle finger was so ripped and buffed! DUH.

Time for a BFO...

Ha ha ha...

(Blinding Flash of the Obvious!)

Anyway, we played online creating somewhat of a focus on my part for an hour and a half. One of my favorite quotes of Dan... "There are two ways a horse can play: 1)With you OR 2) Without you!" The big question is, can you get him to play WITH you? Without forcing it on him, but by causing it to become HIS idea. Because of course! YOU think your idea is better! Is it not? Don't YOU have the best ideas ever? I don't think so, I think I do... well, so does your horse. He thinks his ideas are the best in the whole entire universe!... Darn IT!... Yeah, well I thought the same thing...


We can cause our ideas to become theirs, and sometimes their idea is just as good... because with the ugly comes the beautiful. We can take what they offer as feedback, and grow from it... and make something beautiful from it.

In other words, I had a blast.

As for my sessions afterwards, I can't say enough. The best I have had, in the LEAST, the last two years. I am jumping out of my shoes to say the least, Sundance has never been so sticky to me in forever... never been so attentive. My arrows are multiplying in my quiver during and after every session, and I have never been so thrilled in so long! Today was the first time in years that I had a lesson, and I wanted to go BACK outside and play again. I beg to God that this is not a momentary phase, but only the beautiful beginning to the end of our rut. The beginning of me becoming a more self-sufficient and savvy horsewoman.

We put Sundance up, and spent another hour and a half playing with Aamira. She is the model of a Left-Brained Extrovert, and you add some extra spunk of being a little yearling... she is a bundle of GO! PLAY! FREE! I have never had a lot of time with this specific horsenality, so I had a blast learning about how the horsenality works a little more and how to keep them occupied and obedient.

I also was blessed enough to audit a three day clinic with them, Friday through Sunday. Friday consisted of Advanced Liberty Skills and Young Horse Development. Saturday and Sunday consisted of Beginning Level 1 and Advanced Level 2/3. I learned quite a bit from the Liberty class, was very much entertained by the young horse class, loved watching the fist light bulbs of the beginners class and quite a few pages of notes from the advanced levels class! I always love meeting new Parelli people, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and creating ties that will bind forever. The individuals at Parelli clinics, true Parelli students, have such an amazing and different feel to them... I love the atmosphere, I can't explain it. And to be a part of it, is also unexplainable.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I traveled to Stokesdale, North Carolina for a day at Camp Carefree trimming and shoeing horses with Brandon Crew and a couple more of the Healthy Stride farriers and enthusiasts. We had horses flying in an out of the barn like popcorn in a movie theater! I learned so much and absolutely loved being there trimming and helping, talking and growing with the fabulous group. Discoveries are made every day, and doing that with people you treasure is incomparable. Spending a lifetime with horses, totally engulfed and dedicated, is most definitely a life worth living... a battle worth fighting. Changing lives in the mean time, that is a total plus!

I am back home now, sore and tired from all the traveling, but so hopeful and excited about what is ahead. I feel like I don't have enough time left now between the time I have to leave for Florida in less than 3 months, for my career with Parelli. I have discovered so much, and I am so thankful to my Father above for that incredible blessing! Please stay tuned for more updates, pictures of the above happenings will be coming soon! I am trying to get a clinic coordinate for D&G Thompson here at my facility... even if that does not work out, I will have one of them here once a month working with me until I leave for Parelli University.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, as I have an extreme friendly game coming up. This time, the trick's on me. Let's just keep it safe and say that a nice oral surgeon is going to partner up and dance with my wisdom teeth this Monday morning, at 8:30 am. I will have all next week off, so I will be dozing on and off and relaxing... recouping, I am hoping, will go well and regenerate me for my next spurt of savvy!

Until next time...

Mariah Helms