Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31 - June 2, 2008

I will not be home the next couple of days, so I will not be blogging unless it is about a book, DVD or comment etc. Sorry for any inconvenience. :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

May 29 & 30, 2008 - Motivation through Perspiration

Sundance and I played first, I talked with a Parelli Professional about Sundances unwillingness with backing to the end of the 45 foot line. I interpreted from her advice something interesting, something I already knew but was not sure how to apply it to this situation and didn't really think about it. Horses choose the path of "least resistance", in other words, horses choose the easiest path when given the choice. Make the right thing comfortable, and the wrong thing uncomfortable. In this situation, I am making backing to the end of the 45 foot line the most pleasurable task of the session: the easiest. What I am doing is working on our flying lead change online (Which is coming along very nicely by the way with both of them) and then doing other energy demanding tasks, which surprisingly causing him to be more curious and cautious about everything with ears UP at attention. I remember doing the circling game in Level 2 and him HATING it, that is why I was hesitating doing a lot of energy demanding tasks the past couple of weeks because I thought he would hate me for it. But now that I know as long as I keep it so interesting and hard core enough to keep his attention, he will not get bored. So now that the yo-yo is becoming the easiest task it is getting better, and so is his energy demanding tasks. I am going to be very honest here, I do not want to seem like a unrealistic person by acting like everything is always perfect with me. I want to be real with all the people that read my blog and follow me with my everyday challenges, I am here as a real person and friend for you to learn from. I have been discouraged the past few weeks about Sundance and him not being bright or happy during the sessions, even when I am trying my best. Especially with his ears being back more than forward, he just didn't look like he was happy with me. You know it's just like having a child and every time he or she comes near you they look miserable, I know that just tears a parents heart out... It was doing the same for me. Now that I have thought about it and talked with a few instructors, I have found it is my fault really but not. I did not know how to make him happy, what I thought would make him happy really didn't and what he thinks will make him happy OR not really isn't what will or will not make him happy. I need to be interesting, get his feet moving by being spontaneous and unpredictable. I need to have as much energy as if someone just tried to pop me in the hind end with a kitchen towel, have you ever had someone try to pop you with a kitchen towel? You know how high your energy is at that time? That is how interesting and energized I need to be. It will be easy to forget this, I will have to remember. I still feel like we still have a gap there, and I do not know what it is but I will find out soon enough and when I do it will be great. Bebe and I played with stage one and two tasks, he is getting REALLY really good, I am so proud of him. He is getting so confident and moving along so fast! I will not have to spend as much time in Level 3 with him than I will with Sundance. I really enjoy being around him, mild (positive) Left Brained Extroverts are so fun and easy and interesting. Both horses are so good for me to play with, they are developing me just like I need to be developed as a future instructor.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008 - Savvying in the Rain, i'm savvying in the rain!

Sundance - Yo-yo on 45ft GREAT, Flying lead change GOOD, Cantering sideways w/o fence GREAT, Driving game GREAT - Great improvment today.

Bebe- Cantering sideways AWESOME, Running back AWESOME, Yo-yo on 45ft AWESOME - Great improvment! Came in the soaking and muddy, but SAVVY!

May 28, 2008 - More Flying Lead Changes

Sundance and I played first, we started with our back to the end of the 45 ft line with TREATS. It didn't really work as much as I hoped so I emailed couple of Parelli instructors and have gotten some great but interesting response's, I will put their words of wisdom into use in our next session. Afterwards we played with the shoulder game, just to get his energy up. Then we worked on our flying lead changes on the 45 foot line, the last time we did this he had a little problem with the right side but he did a lot better today. I went out and played with Bebe afterwards and started with backing and sideways at higher gaits, his cantering sideways is getting a lot better and is getting more confident about it too. We went on to flying lead changes on the 45 foot line, it's getting really good, I thought he would have a hard time with it but since we are doing Hill Therapy his canter has become a lot more controlled. We moseyed over to the back up cones and had him back up all the way to the end of the 45 ft line, he is SO good at this and quick about it too with is ears up and everything, now we just need to get him a little bit straighter at the end and he will be set! Later in the afternoon my brother and I went on a trail ride, high energy, pond crossing, ditch jumping trail ride while using the carrot stick for communication (Stage 1 task) to help my independent seat and our carrot stick riding. We headed home and gave Sundance a good soak down with the hose, and ended the day with a scoop of sweet feed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 26, 2008 - Flying Lead Changes on 45 ft Line

Sundance and I played first, we played with Advancing Game 4 with 45ft line. He is still finding it boring even though we put cones up, I think I am going to start to put treats at the cone he has to back to. That sure would motivate him, Left Brained Introverts usually are very food motivated and for sure he LOVES food. Here's his classic Left Brained Introvert look...

Can't you see the similaities between the two pictures?

Afterwards I played with our Advancing Game 6 with the 45ft line, he did good with that one. Then we tried advancing game 5 with the 45 ft line, flying lead changes. He did really good to the left but couldn't get a hang of it at the right, that's okay because it was our first try. I was excited he got it so quickly, he's a clever little boy. The Beebsters did great today too, we did about the same thing. Bebe and I are working on his confidence with cantering sideways, he did a lot better today! He even did some sideways all the way out to the end of the line, I also tried the flying lead change on the 45ft line and he did just as well or better than Sundance. We went over to the cones and did a back up all the way to the end of the line, Bebe does it in half the time it takes Sundance. I know why too! Sundance is a very dominant horse and backing is a sign of submission, he also gets bored easily. But Bebe on the other hand is not very dominant and finds doing what his leader says fun and rewarding and he doesn't get bored as easily. I am glad Sundance is being a challenge for me, I need to be challenged. It's good for me and will help me be a better instructor, which I strive to do every day. About an hour later I went out and saddled Sundance up with the Fusion and went on a trail ride with my brother, boy was Sundance hyper! But it was a good hyper, an obedient happy type hyper. We had lots of fun, I rode in the halter and a carrot stick working on my natural power of focus and independent seat, turns on the hindquarters and forequarters and just having tons of fun. I have never felt so good or balanced in a saddle and Sundance himself has never felt so good to me, I am loving this saddle. Later in the afternoon I went and did Hill Therapy with Bebe, that went really well too. I was naughty and rode him bareback at a walk to the barn because I was lazy ( He is not supposed to be ridden while going through the Hill Therapy program), I would have never thought there would be such a difference on his back. I could literally feel his bubbly muscles under my body, he felt like a couch! I about screamed, I couldn't believe the difference. We are only about 2 weeks away from being done with Hill Therapy and I cannot wait to see and feel the results.

Decision Made on Fusion Saddle

I have been trying out my Fusion saddle for the past 3 days and have come to a conclusion, which I have discussed with my parents and seems to be the wisest decision. My size for a Parelli saddle is a 17", this saddle is a 16.5 ". For now this saddle will do until I save up enough money for a new Natural Performer in a 17", when I have saved up enough money I will order my Natural Performer then sell the Fusion. I am hoping I will have enough money to purchase one either this year or the beginning of next year, I am excited either way.
Please be sure to re-vote for the saddle I should purchase!

Monday, May 26, 2008

May 25, 2008 - Level 3 and Liberty Breakthrough

Bebe Level 3 Stage 1 - 2 Online Tasks

Bebe did great today, I was so proud of him! We did I don't know how many Level 3 Stage 1 &2 Online tasks and he did not loose his cool, he is so great and I am so proud of him. Later in the afternoon we played out in our big pasture at Liberty and he did some circling without leaving and did some neat other things too, like trotting around me at liberty!

Sundance Liberty Breakthrough

Well, since we were playing out in our big pasture at liberty and was being connected to me I decided to take a big leap of faith (I think this is a task at the very end of Level 3), Sideways towards me. Now I know I was supposed to teach him this online but he was so connected I tried it anyway, now if I tap him on zone 3 (Other side of me) he will side pass towards me! I am very excited. It was the best feeling ever!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Point to Point - Motivation for a Left Brained Introvert

I had been a little bit discouraged about this task the past couple of days because of Sundance's negativity towards backing and no motivation at all. I tried the rest when he went all the way back and rest when he came back to me, but did not give the results needed. My father bought home 2 big orange traffic cones from a construction site that left them there, and haven't taken them up after about a month, and gave them to me. (What Father would think 2 traffic cones could make his teenage daughter so happy?) I started to play point to point with Sundance online just to get him happy for the session, he loves rest and he absolutely loves to paw at things.

So I thought I could find a way to associate these cones into our Advancing Game 4 with the 45 ft line and maybe get him motivated about it and not show such hatred for it, well it WORKED!

I separated the cones about 50 ft apart, I stood at one and I did point to point with the Yo-yo game, every time he got to a cone I let him sit there, rest and paw all he wanted. Ears up and walking faster to me each time, I can't wait for our next session!

Rest and Paw

Come to Mariah

Do I see ears up or am I just hallucinating?

Paw and rest again


May 24, 2008 - Busy Bee

Today was a busy day, I was as busy as a bee in the springtime. But happy all the while, actually content would be the best word to describe me. I had a 3 hour lesson to teach with Bebe as my right hand man, he did great and so did one of my students. So Bebe got his share of savvy and play in 3 hours, I did not want to play with him anymore after that for his sake. He was really spastic, enthusiastic and extroverted, we let him go out in the pasture and he must have at least done 10 mid-air jumps and some bucks and squeals et cetera. He really was a joy to watch, I love to see horses so happy! Sundance did pretty good too. We played with our Level 3 Freestyle carrot stick riding, it felt so good to just shift my weight or to change my energy and he would either slow down or speed up. It's really good for both of us, it helps build my independent seat and his perception to my aids. From previous training out of my control he has developed a not so soft mouth when it comes to much of anything on his head, but has gotten a lot better since we started the program. Other people ride Sundance and struggle to keep him light when they want him to turn or stop or back up, mostly because they have not developed an independent seat and only rely on the reins to control the horse, I often watch them and think to myself that I don't ever have to deal with that on him. I know now it is because I really don't use the reins a lot anymore, I communicate more with my seat, legs and energy through my body; which is the best way in the long run. He isn't so blind to the halter or bridle that he is ever out of control in any situation with another person on his back but he's hard to control for a beginner rider. He is light enough for me in the halter and bridle, we can do some pretty advanced maneuvers and collection exercises. I am going to classify him as an Advanced horse to only be used with Advanced riders. He is in Level 3, I'd call that advanced!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Riding in the Fusion

I have just been on the most comfortable ride of my life! I have never ridden a horse that stretched and blown out as much as he did, it was great! Riding was actually comfortable.
I am loving this saddle!

New Fusion Saddle - Pictures and First Experience

The saddle is absolutely beautiful, just beautiful. I also got my new Parelli cinch traded from a friend the same day, so I have it on with the saddle. I decided to put my Parelli Cradle bridle on and voila! The saddle and the cradle are the SAME exact color, how perfect can it get? Onto the feel, it was tough for me not to be so doubtful because it is so hard to find a saddle that fits me right. Well, it feels amazing. I mean it really does, the leather feels amazing and it feels great when the horse is moving. It does not feel constricting, it gives you more freedom to move and does the same for the horse. I have never sat in a saddle that felt so good, I was impressed.
I will have to post pictures of me in the saddle so you can help me see if it is the right size or not.
I think it fits, I can fit 4 fingers on the cantle where my hindquarters sit and when I let my feet loose the stirrups hit the very bottom of my feet. What do you think?

Parelli Fusion Saddle Arrived

The saddle is here and I'm out! I will post pictures soon...


Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 22, 2008 - BFO

BFO - Blinding Flashes of the Obvious

I had one last night as I read Booklet 2 of the Level 3 Refinement program...

Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right, Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right, Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right, Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right, Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right, Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right, Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right, Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right, Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right, Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right, Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right, Slow and right beats fast and wrong, slow and right builds fast and right!

Think about it.

Sundance Being a Patient Partner

Well all the excitement of level 3 caused me to want to do a boat load of stuff with Sundance, and Sundance being a Left Brained Intovert could care less about playing. So he did not like me much for the past couple of weeks because I made him do things when I wanted him to do it, which dominant horses hate. So I am going to have to learn to take things slow, (Let me make and emphasis on slow: Slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.)
So he can think and enjoy the moment in rest, introverts love to rest, and the more rest at the end of a task the more motivated he will be. So I took the session slow and he loved me and had a more ear up at attention look to hiim, which is what I am always looking for!

What slowly played with today:

  • Backing length of 45 foot line
  • Cantering on 45 foot line

Bebe Confidence in Advancement

Bebe became a little tiny bit unconfident while going sideways at a faster speed, but he became confident after I backed him. He is doing a lot better and becoming less scattered, his is collecting up nicely on his own now. We just fooled at liberty for fun and then did our hill therapy, todays session went great!


May 22, 2008 - Parelli Fusion Saddle Tracking

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21, 2008 - From Melancholic to Sanguine

Sundance Positivity!

Yes, Sundance wanted to COME to me today and did NOT have a bad attitude. Surprise? Yes, but no. Why did he act so happy? Because yesterday I kept the session short and fed him afterwards, what did I do today? The same thing, because I want him to want to be with me again tomorrow. So from now on I promise to keep my sessions short with Sundance, no matter how hard it is. I found that to be the easiest way for us in the fall, but got so excited about Level 3 and wanted to spend more time in it, well TO BAD! If I want to spend more time in Level 3 read the darn books Mariah, don't confuse and work the crud out of Sundance for your unconscious enjoyment! (Glad I got that out of my system). So I am going to read some more of my level 3 packets and dwell in that, which I enjoy very much anyway.

We played with:

  1. Squeeze on 45ft line

  2. Circle on 45ft line

  3. Sideways on 45ft line

That is it, and I am glad I left it there.

Bebe Progress, again!

Bebe's cantering sideways is getting more consistent and collected and his backing is getting faster, sometimes he gets scattered and I have to interrupt the pattern but that doesn't happen a much as it used to. That is actually what his right brainedness has turned into, he doesn't really turn right brained anymore he just gets a little scattered within himself and all have to do is get his rarely lost attention and move on. Progress.

We moved onto liberty, our favorite subject in Parelli preschool. We had tons and tons of fun! He did some close contact trotting in an open area without asking, what an absolutely pleasant surprise! More Progress. He just stuck to me the whole time, I felt so connected and felt such a partnership! We went into our liberty pen and he did FABULOUS, didn't try to stray and listening to everything I said. He even did some cantering and jumping in the air out of happiness without becoming disconnected, we were sassy with each other too just fooling around, squealing and enjoying each other. Major Progress.

I filled out a horsenality chart for Breeze, she is a Right Brained Introvert...

Tracking my Fusion Saddle, still on time and should be here Friday.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 19 - 20 2008 - Progress, Progress and more Progress.

May 19, 2008 - Today was the same as yesterday, but both of them are catching on more and more. I am also falling in love with them more and more! I am very busy this week with my parents gone, but am getting all I need done.
May 20, 2008 - Today was also the same as yesterday, I am very tired so I didn't do as much.
I kept the session short with Sundance, advancing games 4-7 went very well.
Bebe and I played with Faster sideways and backwards, and change of direction/Downward transitions at liberty. Bebe is doing amazingly, he is one of the best horses I have ever worked with.
I checked the UPS shipping for my saddle, it's on schedule and should be here on Friday.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Level 3 Tasks & Liberty

45-Foot Line
The lay of this 3/8 inch diameter, nylon lariat is deliberately softened for horse handling. It has life, sensitivity, lightness and is fitted with a brass hondo for slip and release. Includes carabiner clip to attach to halter.

Sundance Level 3 Groundwork

Sundance and I played with:

Advancing Games 4, 5, 6 & 7 (Yo-yo, Circling, Squeeze & Sideways)-

His Yo-Yo game, backing 45 feet in a straight line is getting better. This naturally is a hard task for him because of his horsenality (Left Brained Introvert - Dominant Personality), having a dominant personality he does not want to back up for anyone because it shows submission. As I continue to work with our relationship this task will improve, so I will not stress this task any. If I did stress the task it would more than likely make things worse, and I don't want to do that.

His circling game never had major problems in the beginning, it was just my fault because I was not being assertive enough. But now that I am more assertive and reward at the end we have no problems at all, it's a very easy task. Even at a distance of 45 feet we have the game sturdy enough that there are no problems!

We tried the squeeze game at a 45 foot distance for the first time, he was quite confused at first but got a hang of it so I left it there. I do not believe this will be a challenging task, I think it will be quite an easy one!

Our sideways is continuing to improve, we are still playing a little with trotting and cantering sideways just to make sure we still have it down pat. Now we are playing with him being at a 45 foot distance away and going sideways, then standing still and having him side pass the whole 45 feet with me being still. It works, no problem! Easy as pie.

In conclusion Sundance did magnificently!

Bebe Liberty and Level 3 tasks

Bebe and I played with doing our sideways at a faster pace, he is a little bit unconfident with this task but he is becoming confident about it. He trotted and cantered sideways pretty well, I am going to have to slowly little by little build up his cantering whilst going sideways for his sake and in the long run mine. He used to have A LOT of trouble lifting up his forequarters and putting weight on his hindquarters, but now that I have started to do Hill Therapy ( those problems are regressing and he is building muscle and becoming a more balanced horse. Cantering sideways and running backwards are helping him lighten his forequarters too, which make everything else easier. We also played withe running backwards, backing the length of the rope, and LIBERTY! We had so much fun at liberty today, he is doing magnificently and our relationship blooming. He even got playful today! I gave a snappy departure and SURPRISE he squealed, swung his head and took off at a canter. That's my baby, or should I say angel! He is getting a hang of his downward transitions and being more comfortable with me overall, he did not become disconnected even once today. We are beginning to play with each other more too, he is so much fun! Bebe did great today.


Dark Parelli Fusion Saddle - Arriving Next Friday!

This is a 16.5" Dark Oil Fusion Saddle - What is a Fusion Saddle?
The Parelli Fusion Saddle, first of the Parelli’s concept saddles, in production since 2004, was so named because it "fuses" the very best of what is good about a fine English saddle (the promotion of collection and flexion in the horse) with the best about a good western saddle (the distribution of the rider's weight, and the comfort of the rider). Both the original Fusion and the new natural performer weigh about 15 pounds less than the average western saddle, and are the excellent choice for pursuing Fluidity as taught in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship learning systems. Click here to learn more!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sundance & Bebe - Liberty & Level 3

Sundance and Bebe both played with Level 3 Tasks and Liberty tasks, they both did great!
I am just too tired to do anything that takes concentrating, so I won't be typing much!
Yours Naturally,

Friday, May 16, 2008

Good Banana / Bad Banana Comparison

- Sundance - (Recent)

Easy to ride, nice slow gaits, rocking horse canter, very controlable, easy to round up, more naturally collected.
- Bebe - (Winter 2007)
Easy to ride at slow gaits, speedy gaits uncomfortable, jabbing out of control canter, not easy to control at high gaits, not naturally collected. He is changing these attributes quickly by Hill Therapy, check out the "Hill Therapy" page under 'Surf Mariah's Life' on the left side of the screen to learn more!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 14 & 15, 2008 - Important Announcement (Under 'Bebe')

Sundance More Level 3
Both Days - Sundance and I are stepping up in Level 3, we are now doing the task of backing all the way to the end of the 45 foot line whilst staying straight without wiggling the hook at his chin on the halter. Also being fully out on the 45 foot line with the belly of it on the ground going sideways for at least 50 to 300 feet. We had a great start, the tasks should be done and over with in no time.
Bebe Stepping up big time!
Day 1 - Bebe and I worked on downward transitions at liberty, he got a hang of it. Then we stopped! Because he did so well.
Day 2 - I hate to say this to a certain extent but I will more than likely be passing Level 3 with Bebe the first time around. Bebe has shown himself as a horse worthy of taking this journey with me for the following reasons:
  1. Bebe has shown such a willingness and wanting to please his partner.
  2. He has the perfect personality for me, willing and playful without being asked.
  3. He is EXTREMELY smart, very quick learner and wants to learn.
  4. Sundance took 1 and 1/2 years to learn Level 2, Bebe has taken about 6 months or less without consistent playing like Sundance.
  5. Sundance look a couple of weeks to get this far in Level 3, Bebe took 3 days.
  6. Bebe just really brings joy to me because he wants to be doing something with me, Sundance is a big introvert that would rather do what he'd want to do.
  7. Bebe will get through this program faster than Sundance will because of his willingness.

I am not at all saying Sundance is not a good horse, he is amazing but Bebe seems to be the best candidate for my first horse to pass in Level 3. I will still continue the same exact pattern I have been taking with the two horses and still let them excel at their own pace, nothing will change. But I know Bebe will over excel Sundance and will move through Level 3 much faster, neither of these horses are more or less important to me and will be treated the same. This will not change anything, they both hold the same places in my heart. I am so blessed to have these two horses as my partners, I love them very much!

Bad Banana or Good Banana?

TO RECENT VIEWERS AND COMMENTORS - read my latest response at

Bad Banana VS. Good Banana - How conventional and Parelli Saddles effect your horse.

Conventional Saddles - Help form a Bad Banana horse.

Parelli and/or non-constricting Saddles - Help form a Good Banana horse. If you have a Bad Banana type horse and want to fix it, look at the Hill Therapy program from Parelli. Also look under "Surf Mariah's Life" to look at what Hill Therapy is about and how it is helping my horse, Bebe. For more information on Parelli Saddles please visit by clicking here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 13, 2008 (Video Added)

Bebe Moving up

Bebe did amazingly at liberty today, I kept the liberty really short. We started getting ready for our downward transitions at liberty, I am sure it will go smoothly!

Sundance Progressing

We are moving up in our ground skills in Level 3! He did so well on all the different Level 3 tasks we did today... we did a lot, learned a lot, and did very well.

  • Running backwards
  • Fast sideways
  • Shoulder game
  • Serpentine back
  • Long backing
  • Round forequarters
  • Carrot stick riding


Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12, 2008 - Bebe Passed Task, Sundance Getting Better

Bebe Passed a Liberty Task!

Bebe did so well at liberty today, he passed his change of direction task. Moving up! The clip below is a video of what our liberty pen looks like.

Sundance Getting Better

Sundance and I played with our level 3 tasks, we mostly have our running backwards and sideways down now. We did some serpentining backwards, he did awesome! He did LOTS of licking and chewing, his circling the forequarters went magnificently too.


May 10-11, 2008

Bebe Learning to Stay
DAY 1- Bebe did not want to stick to me as much today, but we got it sorted out and our liberty session with the circling game went well.
DAY 2- The Liberty Session today went awesomly, tomorrow will be a blast too!

Sundance Carrot Stick Riding
DAY 1- We started out carrot stick riding sessions today, Sundance has a hard time moving just his forequarters in a circle when I ride so I helped him learn how to do that today.
DAY 2- Sundances forequarter and hindquarter circles bareback and bridless is getting better and better. He gets over impulsive when walking to the barn, not as in going fast but not listening as much as he should. I had to be savvy about him not wanting to listen today, maybe tomorrows session will be better. I am sure it will!


Friday, May 9, 2008

Liberty Quicky & Rearing Commands

Bebe Liberty Quicky

Bebe did amazingly today, no mishaps or miscommunication at all. We got everything done in half the time! He even did some cantering around me! He did awesome, I am so proud to have Bebe as my partner.

Sundance Rearing Commands

Well I got thinking, that a lot of Sundances so called 'Vices' have always been turned into something good on my part later on. Isn't rearing a vice? Can't it be something cool if you can turn it on and off anytime you want to? Well, he now can almost every time rear on command (I click at him and jump up with the carrot stick)! I was afraid he would get this confused with other commands but I picked a command that I never use and that is not similar to anything I have ever done. After that he wasn't so confused on what I was asking with the back up, it is much better than it was. His sideways is still improving! I am proud to have him as a partner too.

Sundance Lighter & Bebe Learning

Bebe Learning to Love

Bebe and I started off with stick to me and playing with obstacles, he will even go sideways without a fence at liberty! I am so proud of him. Bebe did not want to stick with me for the circling game at a trot, so I made the right thing comfortable and the wrong thing uncomfortable. He soon found sticking to me a lot easier and did some nice circling at a trot and change of direction, afterwards licking his lips! I love watching a horse develop and learn.

Sundance Advancing Sideways

Sundance and I played with our level 3 again. His backups are getting better but he is residing to rearing back instead of walking back! How INTERESTING! I know why he is doing this, he does not want to back up and defiantly does not have it in his mind so he does other things. I am going to email Nita Jo about this and maybe she can help, it is so nice to have a parelli instructor just an email away! His sideways at a canter is now getting slower and more collected, he now can do it without a fence. I now can canter sideways beside him myself and he will canter sideways beside me! That was a jaw dropper for me, especially since he offered it to me! I am so proud of him.

The video above is a little glimpse of how the place looks, just a little glimpse.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Liberty.... and fun, and more fun, and harmony. (added)

Bebe Critiquing and Finishing Liberty
I hadn't gotten to play in 2 days and Bebe made it clear he was happy that I was back and about to get our groove on, I started to fool with him a little bit and be flew off bucking and swishing his head and just plain old having fun inside himself! Of course he came right back to me with a quite content face asking what we are to do since he is in such a playful mood... I answered with the stick to me game. We walked, turned, trotted, cantered and went over things side by side mirroring each other... it must have been a beautiful sight, I felt in harmony with him. Then we played with our circling game at the trot, he's doing REALLY good and really trying to get a hang of it. We mostly played with change of direction which he is okay with but not really good with, it's just all new to him! He got the just of it and licked his lips and kept on going in the direction he was supposed to so I ended the session. What a wonderful session together!
Sundance Level 3 Stepping Up!
We played with our level 3 again, he is getting better and better.
His cantering sideways is getting easier for him and his running backwards is getting faster.
We are going to start some carrot stick riding, I am excited about that!
It is going to help his understanding of my body a lot, and my natural power of focus will be a lot better.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oops! Time has slipped.

Time slips away so quickly and days are filled with tasks. I was not able to do any serious playing with the horses today... but I did get 2 games in with them.

  • Friendly
  • Porcupine

I also got a few things done for my own self development. I played with coiling up the 45 ft line with my right and left hand, it's really hard especially with it being the ropes professionals use, really hard! But I got a hang of it with my left and right. I also read a couple of Pat's books, how interesting!


Monday, May 5, 2008

May 4, 2007 - Fun with a capital 'F'!

Bebe Level 3? yup.

Before HT we went and put some spice into our play, we started our high adrenaline L3 tasks.

He didn't get scared and did great, a good first time Level 3 experiment. Our liberty was a little slow yesterday so I thought today I would teach him to get his life up, he sure can get it up!

He is so fun, not a bore, you never want a horse that isn't at least a little bit of a challenge or you won't grow like you want to. Becoming a better person and horseperson is what it's all about!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Level 2 Retake FINISHED

It went AWESOMELY! I am so glad we finished it, I am sending it to Nita Jo tomorrow and it should get to her wednesday. I will more than likely know next week unless I can put it on youtube or something. I am going to let Sundance rest the rest of the day just for being so perfect! xoxo

Saturday, May 3, 2008

About the same as yesterday, but better!

Sundance FIG. 8'S & L3 TASKS
Same as yesterday but a load better, so much easier to ride and enjoy I just needed to learn what got him motivated and happy.
I am going to email Nita Jo about Sundance's back up, it's not bad at all but I would like it to be faster.

Bebe Liberty Fun
Same as yesterday but a load better too, he is doing so well and getting so smart. He is also starting to offer more to me as his confidence rises.


May 2, 2008 - Liberty & Figure 8's Again

Bebe Successful Trotting!

Circling game at liberty at a trot went awesome, he took a few laps by himself and did a great change of direction. Afterwards I took him to the well house, he got a nice little shower! :)

Later that afternoon after HT he OFFERED a Level 3 task, cantering sideways!

Sundance Level 3 advancing & Double Fig. 8's
His backing and sideways at higher gates are getting SO GOOD! We are about to move on to more Level 3 tasks! We are hopefully going to tape our double figure eights today or tomorrow, I am ready to move OUT totally from Level 2. The figure eights went awesomely ;).
Check out Hill Therapy Page for a new video!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mariah's New Webpage!

Please view my new webpage by clicking here, it contains a new program with one of my journey horses.

May 1, 2008- Hill Therapy, Liberty and Barrels

Bebe Liberty and Jumping
Bebe and I played with our Circling game at liberty again today, we did more trotting and he is trying to get the concept. You can really tell when he is trying! He did a smooth change of direction at a trot too, he is catching on well. No doubt we will get through this at a nice successful steady pace.
We also did a little bit of jumping then went on to a trail ride to cool off ourselves, it was very nice.

Sundance Double Fig. 8's & Trails
The session went SO well, we are getting things done in half the time! I am quite confident that we will tape the rest of the retakes Saturday and send it to Nita Jo Monday, then MAYBE I will have officially passed Level 2. I feel like I will pass it this time, now that I know exactly what to do this time. My brother and I went on a 2 hour trail ride afterwards, so much fun!

Brother did some Level 2 tasks with Breeze, he will pass Level 1 in no time!