Thursday, June 12, 2008

New! Natural West Parelli Bridle

My Parelli Country Bridle is on back order, it should be here soon. The Natural West pictured above was ordered with the original Parelli Snaffle bit for Sundance, it just suits him better. The curb strap and Parelli Confidence Snaffle came in without the Country Bridle headstall, this set is for Bebe. The Confidence Snaffle is thicker and softer and is to be used to help a horse push into the bit and round his back into the saddle, which Bebe is now starting to learn to do. Doing Hill Therapy, getting a Parelli Natural Performer, doing Level 3 groundwork and getting this bit to help him stretch out should help A LOT with his riding and with him being down hill, I am expecting GREAT results!

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