Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy and Savvy - June 15, 2008 Update

June 12 -14, 2008

Busy and Savvy!

Yes, a busy bee I have been! So many great things have been going on, dreams coming true and making others dreams come true. My life,well it is great. My students are succeeding and happy, a new dedicated student has shown up too. One of my students are co-coordinating a play day with me, this play day is going to be great! We are working so hard on it, I am sure all of us are going to have a blast. My goal is to have a play day every month, and do my best to make it fun, educational and worth traveling to every time. I think this will be great for me, I need to learn how to handle people and horses. A lot of them and in different situations, because I will be doing it a lot in the future as an instructor. It will also help me with my social skills, confidence and presentational skills. I think this will help shape who I am and what it will be like to be an instructor, I think this will be another factor in my life that will change things for the better in the future. My Parelli Natural Performer should be here some time tomorrow, it is in Greensboro. I was not very excited about getting the Fusion for some reason, I guess it was for the better because I was not able to keep it anyway. It was a great experience too, because now I can say I have ridden in every Parelli saddle (Except the Roper). I am very excited about the Natural Performer, it is going to be beautiful. Some other savvy members and I (Project Leader) are creating a Parelli book, we are about to present our project plan to Parelli and get started. That is so great for me and will look great on my resume as a Parelli Professional, I expect this book to be great and touch a lot of people. I cannot release any more information, just keep your fingers crossed so everything will go smoothly! What else do I have going on? Hmmm... I guess now I can talk about how things are going out at the barn. I watched a couple of Success Series DVD's again and watched the Horsenality DVD, I figured Bebe was a Right Brained Introvert when he is unconfident, which makes PERFECT sense. Bebe was distrustful (RBI trait) the past 2 days, (today was a LOT better though, great actually!) The way he was showing his distrust was he would face me when I came to the pasture and stare but not for his life come to me, he also in the middle of Liberty play in the pasture looked 'not there' and would run off. Hmmm, How Interesting! I thought, well what did I do the session before he started to act like this? And it came to me, it was such a small thing I almost brushed it off my shoulder. There is a new platform/pedestal out in the pasture where we play and he was unconfident about it, and I pushed him past TOO many thresholds and made him (in a right brained state) get on it. Wasn't anything to log for me, like so what? Well, obviously it mattered to him and I lost his trust. Well through going slow and using reverse psycology he is now trustful of me. I sorted out our hard feelings by going back and approaching the pedestal the right way, our session ended with a sigh and lip licking whilst standing on the pedestal. Now, what a thing to learn. How INTERESTING! I never knew something like that would be SO important to a horse, and that if me as a leader doing something like that would make such a difference. What a great experience, what an arrow in my quiver. Things have been going AMAZINGLY with me and Sundance, our relationship is blossoming and our communication (definition - Two individuals sharing and understanding an idea), our communication is getting better and better. Sundance is an amazing horse, he is just hard to understand and I believe I am slowly molding the key and so far it is turning out right! He just seems so happy, and that is all that counts.

UPDATE - I just went out to give the horses scratches and treats and Bebe decided we needed to groom each other, so I have a dirty shirt and he has some itched ichy spots!

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