Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mommyhood Day Ten

Hello Motherhood! What a huge blessing, I never really understood how amazing it would be to bring a child  into this world, and to care for her, and to love her so very much. It's amazing what a child can do to a family, not just strengthening the bond between a husband and wife and causing them to see each other in another remarkable light but to bring two families together for one reason and to cause so much joy. I am so very thankful for our little Sephorah, she is nine days old today and I feel I can literally see her grow right before my eyes. She is a very easy baby, she only cries and very little if her stomach is upset or if she is hungry and at night we have to wake her for her feeding. 

Enjoying the sunshine this morning while getting dressed for the day!

Last night we started our tradition of devotions and prayers before we tuck her into bed, my parents always did that for me and I thank them for it to this day and I want to do the same for all of our children. Gabriel is working very hard every day as we start our business up here in Virginia, he is a very proud father and I do have to say he has really taken care of me well through the recovery progress. He really took care of us while we were in the hospital, all through my delivery and the nights that followed.  I truly have an amazing husband, I wouldn't trade him for a thing in the world.

The delivery was not easy, thank goodness for epidurals, as it almost wasn't strong enough to block the pain. We came to the hospital Tuesday morning at three am with contractions only five minutes apart or less, and she was finally here at four forty seven pm. It was a very hard few hours but we made it, and I swore I would never have another child BUT after all the joy she has brought to us? I would do it all over again, I know I am CRAZY! What can you do?

Looks like I have a little under 5 weeks of recovery left to go and I can already fit into most of my old clothes again, looking forward to working out again and seeing my horses. In the mean time I am thoroughly enjoying time with my family and Gabriel's family, and watching Sephorah grow...

Sleeping in her cherry outfit yesterday morning.

Computer work with daddy before bed. Best husband in the world!

Sweet monogrammed shirt from our friend in North Carolina.

Thank you all for the comments, I read them all! It's so great to hear from all of you. I will be updating often, with a couple more pictures and product reviews, and probably some mommy moments! ENJOY the spring weather!

God Bless,

P.S. The acrylic nails are still holding up beautifully, on the count down to see how many weeks they will last... I've already changed the color four times, *rolls eyes* I'm still a bit impulsive in the little things. :-) Will post a picture of my red hair too, sounds bad doesn't it? It's highlights, and not "red" red... ;-) ready for summer red I guess!