Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little George

Little George needs some prayers, his other 4 brothers and sisters were killed and we are going to try to nurse little George back to health... and release him.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

NEW! Mariah Helms Dot Com

Hello Everyone,

It has been in the making since last November; and with permission from Parelli, I am releasing...


Big thanks to Kaila Watters for helping me make it perfect. :) If you are interested in having her design a website for you, her email is kvwatters@hotmail.com.

Hope you like it! Would love feedback.

Mariah Helms

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Parelli Demo at Sundance Stables in Concord, NC

Opening Page (Click here to begin!)

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my journey

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It was fabulous, hope you enjoyed the pictures! Be sure to check out Lisa's pictures and her blog at http://pnhsavvymom.blogspot.com/.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

To Become a Horseman

Here is a little something I wrote for a group at the Share Parelli Website... 

  Going from "Cowgirl" to "Horsewoman" in a matter of just a couple of years is a major change. I recently earned my green string, an automatic symbol of respect to a horseman that has dedicated his life to becoming the best he or she can be.

     I remember sitting listening to Pat Parelli in 2005, for the first time and writing down my goals and dreams right there sitting in the stands. I remember telling myself, that I would be who I wanted to be when I get my green string. I would be an amazing horsewoman that could change the world. But now as I look at who I am now, I still feel like that person sitting in the stands listening to Pat Parelli. I am still that young eager-to-learn woman sitting in the stands, wanting to just squeeze the juice out of the Parelli sponge. I admit, I am into Level 4 and ready to pass most of it, I feel at one with my horse, I feel we are a part of each other... yet, I still feel I have so much to learn. I have a lot under my belt, yet there is so much more to add! This journey, I realize, will NEVER end. No matter how advanced we may get, we still will have endless wonderful things to learn and absorb.

As I look back, the journey itself is what is most gratifying. Hearing that I passed Level 3 of course brought tears to my eyes, because the fruits of my labor, almost 3 years of hard work, had been rewarded and recognized. But that is not what I will remember the most. We will remember things such as, playing Stick to Me for the first time at Liberty, the first time your horse asks you, 'What can we do today?!', the first time your horse runs to you in the pasture, or the first time you and your horse trust each other enough to take that first brave step of taking the bridle off, and riding bareback and bridless.

Do not rate yourself because of what level you are at, every little step of the journey is just as important, valuable and memorable as the other. If all of us have that true and passionate desire to become the best horseman we can be, there is no difference in the Level you are at, the age you are, the horse you ride or the discipline you choose; we are all the same.


Come join all the passionate horsemen and women at http://www.shareparelli.com/.



Monday, April 13, 2009

Internet Connection was down...

For 3 days, that's okay... I am sure you can forgive my computer for the deprivation.

Can you list the "10 Qualities of a Horseman" off the top of your head?

Heart & Desire











I enjoyed Easter, and time with my family. Happy Late Easter! I hope you enjoyed it. I am preparing for the demo this weekend in Concord, I am very excited, and am sure it will be a blast. Your prayers and positive vibes would be appreciated! Fabio sends his love, we are playing with Level 4 Finesse and Liberty in our sessions lately, we may film/audition some Online or Liberty for a test of Level 4 savvy soon... I am hoping to pass as much Level 4 as I can until I leave in the spring for the centers.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Morning!

           Raisin bread toast and vanilla yogurt in my jammies, what a great way to start the day. It is gorgeous outside, I've got a lesson to teach at 10:00 AM. It is quite nice being on a break from school, to enjoy a day without anything but family and horses. Last night around 7:30 PM, my friend Lisa Rask came from Concord and we played for about 2 hours... Sundance and Bebe were quite the characters, I do believe Lisa was laughing 98% of the time she was out there. We eventually got our horse hairy butts in the house, and did some paperwork to make sure we were prepared for the demo. Thank the Lord Lisa was there to help me fill in the blanks, I froze up, was thinking too hard, I tend to do that when I think too hard. The cogs in my brain just clog up, and won't move. I've got to finalize what we have written down, but we have got some good stuff. I encourage you to take out your book "Natural Horsemanship" by Pat Parelli. I opened it up last night to just get a quote out, and read one paragraph; there was so much amazing information in that single paragraph, I was taken back. I will definitely be reading the book again, it is so packed with savvy.

I'd like to encourage you all to memorize the 8 Principles of Natural Horse-man-ship...

1. Horsemanship is Natural.

2. Don't make assumptions.

3.Communication is mutual.

4. Horses and humans have responsibilities.

5. The attitude is justice.

6. Body language is the universal language.

7. Horses teach riders, and riders teach horses.

8. Principles, purpose and time are the tools of teaching.


Be sure to follow me on Twitter! It is updated daily, with some good tidbits of savvy thrown in between, don't miss out! http://twitter.com/MariahHelms

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Follow Mariah on Twitter

Hey guys,

I have a Twitter account and have decided to make daily updates, and give you quotes and tidbits to lick and chew on to help you in your never ending journey.

If you'd like to keep up with what I am up to, and lick and chew a bit, you can follow me on Twitter.


Be sure to follow Norma too! She updates frequently, and keeps you up to date at tour stops... you actually feel you are there.


Hope all of you enjoyed Caesar and Pat last night on the National Geographic channel, it knocked my socks off... I had to go get 2 new pairs.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Got My Results In...

I am now an official LEVEL 3 GRADUATE! Yahoo!


Thank you very much for your Freestyle audition! It was a pleasure to watch! Allow me to be the first to congratulate you. Your freestyle savvy is level 3+!! This means that you are well on your way to level 4! Great job!!

Now as you start to set your sights on level for it is time to start to think about riding more elegantly. You have great balance and a nice following seat. However, you sit mostly in a chair position, with your legs out in front of you a bit. See what you can do to get your legs more underneath of you and round your lower back through your pelvis and not just by sticking your legs out in front of you.

We appreciate your dedication to your horse and to the Parelli Program. I know that there will be more great things to come. Can't wait to see what is next!

John Baar
Parelli Audition Team


After I filed your freestyle audition, I realized that you have also passed the on line and liberty portions of level 3!! Congratulations! You are a level 3 graduate!!! =) Welcome to level 4! Your certificates and string will come in the mail in 8 to 10 weeks. Great job!

Keep it natural,
John Baar
Parelli Audition Team

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Radio Show on Natural Horse Network Postponed

My interview on Natural Horse Network's radio show has been postponed until May, because of moving problems with the owner of the radio. I will announce the date ASAP!

I have not gotten results for my Freestyle audition yet, but they have all my stuff and I should hear back soon.