Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Discipline Specific Pattern Work

Reining Pattern Work on Sundance

- Continue to advance the back up (making it his idea) and spur stop.
- Continue to work on making flying changes smoother.
- Advance lightness.
- STOP TOUCHING THE REINS SO MUCH, MARIAH! Geez *rolls eyes* Control freak much?
- Work on reining patterns with a lot of repetition, focusing on giving him the responsibility to maintain his mental connection and feeling my seat easier to adjust speed within the gait.
- Work on square turns VS round turns.

Dressage Pattern Work on Sundance

- Same as most above.
- Work on 10 meter and 20 meter circles.
- Lighter sideways, engagement, and disengagement.
- Fix cradle bridle, for Pete's sake, lazy bum!

Jabaar's Development Points

- Continue fluid rein in trot with patterns.
- Experiment with cantering, as he offered it last session.
- Finish off follow rail.
- Start enforcing the clover leaf pattern.
- Start ending sessions with walk around pasture to prepare for trail work.
- Finish off on bit acceptance.

If you have any questions on anything I have posted please ask! Thanks!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Goodbye Summer - Hello to Fall (and wranglers!)

Hello my friends,

Have you noticed the cool breeze peeking in here and there? I love it! I've enjoyed this summer but thankfully, we live in a place where we have some distinct and beautiful 4 seasons so we have a gorgeous fall following relief from the heat. Along with cooler weather, little Sephi has turned 5 months old and is getting cuter every day. Her beautiful smile stuns me like nothing else, besides the loving look in my sweet husband's face!

     As you all have noticed I have not been writing much on here, which I think should have been expected as we've been blessed with a little cupcake! But it looks like blogging can pick up a little more and so can horsemanship, I have a couple of projects going on and it feels great to fit into the jeans I wore 3 years ago when I met Gabriel... (*rolls eyes* hard to do after a baby borrows you for 9 months! But worth it!) those faithful wranglers, one of my best friends! And back in the saddle with my Sundance, we are having a BLAST! Michael and I get to ride a lot in the big cover all next door, it really helps having someone riding with me to give inspiration to reach our goals. My latest project has been Jabaar, we purchased Jabaar in Texas and brought him here to Virginia to "rehabilitate" him from a lot of damage done in his younger years! We bought him from a wonderful loving owner that had worked with him, and loved him, but couldn't give him the training he needed... she would usually get bucked off at least once a week and he was doing a huge number on her confidence in riding! So, she found a good horse that would help her build her confidence and we got started on, affectionately, "Jabambam".


     Gabriel and Michael worked with him a little bit in Texas, then he took a break for winter as we moved up here, after I recovered from pregnancy I got started back on him and helped him over all of his very frightening, dangerous, destructive, yet misunderstood vices! He is now well on his way, our biggest break through was yesterday, as he finally accepted the bit with his brain between his ears (and me in the saddle) trotting with his nose on the ground with the fluid rein! Good job Jabaar, and thank you. We are looking to sell him once we get him rounded, which looks very soon. I am almost tempted to keep him as he is extremely loyal, willing, sensitive, and talented but we just don't have room! But I am looking forward to seeing how far, with the Lord's help of course, I could not do what I do now and love so much without him!

     We are out of town right now, Cupcake is helping me write this... Back to horses, Sundance is doing better than he ever has! The break was well needed, and when we joined back together, it was better than ever. We are not really sure of it 100%, but we may work on our Level 4 auditions soon, it seems Parelli may be making some changes that may be for the better! If so, I will be back on the band wagon. I do not want to get my hopes up, but I really want to get back and help with the professionals program... as all of my education, and Gabriel's, was for that one thing... and I still truly love my job! 

     Right now I am really looking to just rehabilitate horses and resell them, and train for those who don't quite have the skill or time to deal with a horse that is too difficult for their level. After Jabaar, we will take a training break for the winter and start a new horse in the spring... to focus on Sundance and maybe preparing for some competition, which I am excited about! We are looking forward to Christmas in North Carolina, I have a feeling all of Cupcake's gifts will NOT fit in the car... her grand parents and great grand parents SPOIL her! Which was very much expected. *wink* Well, enjoy the fall! And your horses, your family, and your freedom. I will see you out there... in the saddle.


The Alway Family