Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Discipline Specific Pattern Work

Reining Pattern Work on Sundance

- Continue to advance the back up (making it his idea) and spur stop.
- Continue to work on making flying changes smoother.
- Advance lightness.
- STOP TOUCHING THE REINS SO MUCH, MARIAH! Geez *rolls eyes* Control freak much?
- Work on reining patterns with a lot of repetition, focusing on giving him the responsibility to maintain his mental connection and feeling my seat easier to adjust speed within the gait.
- Work on square turns VS round turns.

Dressage Pattern Work on Sundance

- Same as most above.
- Work on 10 meter and 20 meter circles.
- Lighter sideways, engagement, and disengagement.
- Fix cradle bridle, for Pete's sake, lazy bum!

Jabaar's Development Points

- Continue fluid rein in trot with patterns.
- Experiment with cantering, as he offered it last session.
- Finish off follow rail.
- Start enforcing the clover leaf pattern.
- Start ending sessions with walk around pasture to prepare for trail work.
- Finish off on bit acceptance.

If you have any questions on anything I have posted please ask! Thanks!

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