Sunday, May 18, 2008

Level 3 Tasks & Liberty

45-Foot Line
The lay of this 3/8 inch diameter, nylon lariat is deliberately softened for horse handling. It has life, sensitivity, lightness and is fitted with a brass hondo for slip and release. Includes carabiner clip to attach to halter.

Sundance Level 3 Groundwork

Sundance and I played with:

Advancing Games 4, 5, 6 & 7 (Yo-yo, Circling, Squeeze & Sideways)-

His Yo-Yo game, backing 45 feet in a straight line is getting better. This naturally is a hard task for him because of his horsenality (Left Brained Introvert - Dominant Personality), having a dominant personality he does not want to back up for anyone because it shows submission. As I continue to work with our relationship this task will improve, so I will not stress this task any. If I did stress the task it would more than likely make things worse, and I don't want to do that.

His circling game never had major problems in the beginning, it was just my fault because I was not being assertive enough. But now that I am more assertive and reward at the end we have no problems at all, it's a very easy task. Even at a distance of 45 feet we have the game sturdy enough that there are no problems!

We tried the squeeze game at a 45 foot distance for the first time, he was quite confused at first but got a hang of it so I left it there. I do not believe this will be a challenging task, I think it will be quite an easy one!

Our sideways is continuing to improve, we are still playing a little with trotting and cantering sideways just to make sure we still have it down pat. Now we are playing with him being at a 45 foot distance away and going sideways, then standing still and having him side pass the whole 45 feet with me being still. It works, no problem! Easy as pie.

In conclusion Sundance did magnificently!

Bebe Liberty and Level 3 tasks

Bebe and I played with doing our sideways at a faster pace, he is a little bit unconfident with this task but he is becoming confident about it. He trotted and cantered sideways pretty well, I am going to have to slowly little by little build up his cantering whilst going sideways for his sake and in the long run mine. He used to have A LOT of trouble lifting up his forequarters and putting weight on his hindquarters, but now that I have started to do Hill Therapy ( those problems are regressing and he is building muscle and becoming a more balanced horse. Cantering sideways and running backwards are helping him lighten his forequarters too, which make everything else easier. We also played withe running backwards, backing the length of the rope, and LIBERTY! We had so much fun at liberty today, he is doing magnificently and our relationship blooming. He even got playful today! I gave a snappy departure and SURPRISE he squealed, swung his head and took off at a canter. That's my baby, or should I say angel! He is getting a hang of his downward transitions and being more comfortable with me overall, he did not become disconnected even once today. We are beginning to play with each other more too, he is so much fun! Bebe did great today.


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