Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Externship–DAY 51–Horsemanship, Making Plans, Facility Clean Up, Play and Soccer Practice

This morning was spent on a beautiful soccer game, along with a wonderful session with Berin Macfarlane on bareback riding with one rein. Walking and trotting the weave coordinated with human weaves, and set exercises with cones while tossing the reins back and forth. I was able to figure out how to split things up with Sundance to help both of us achieve simple things with excellence. We took care of our horses once again and my group and I went to the picnic table and we all made outlines or plans for our horses specific journey, I am SO glad to write it all down and it is great to have an outline to help us stay on track for exactly what we need to play with in order to succeed. We once again tended to our horses so they would be set for the rest of the day and went to grab some lunch, for the rest of the afternoon we went as a group to clean the whole playground of the stubborn yet beautiful spanish moss. We also had the chance to clean over here at the previous Foundation now called Education Station that we stay at. We spent the rest of the afternoon doing that, then some of us grabbed our ponies and played with the assignments we had made up for our horses that morning. Sundance played with excellence on the 45 ft line, sideways and long distance communication leading up to the figure of 8 at a canter at the end of the line. Then friendly game, had a good time with that with my dear friend. We went to dinner then came back across the road to practice our soccer, I do have to say that we are getting pretty good and I am proud! A storm suddenly and violently hit us, we weren’t safe in our trailer so we went to the student lounge and grabbed some Parelli DVD’s and had a blast watching them until the storm passed… I am now ready for a good nights rest and am looking forward to another wonderful day with you tomorrow!

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