Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Externship–DAY 50–Horsemanship and Teaching Rotation

I must apologize for the short post I will be composing! I am emotionally having a great learning curve that is changing me for the better throughout all the experiences here and I am loving it. Today was spent playing a wonderful game of soccer on the full sand arena prepping for the big game then with Berin in horsemanship playing with the friendly game on the 12 foot line and halter, playing with mounting from the ground bareback jumping back and forth and becoming more savvy with the ropes. He gave us a simple yet somewhat challenging task of serpentining around each horse in a line while throwing the line over their head back and forth.

We all went on a trail ride, good emotional test for Sundance and headed to lunch. I kept Sundance across the road and had the pleasure of talking with some of the fast track students and observing a wonderful class of fast trackers headed by Kristi Smith. We took care of our horses, did facility clean up and had. We built rapport with our horses by grazing and spending undemanding time and ran to the grocery store… I have another tremendously busy day tomorrow, please keep me in your thoughts and your fingers crossed. This is a wonderful ride…

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Parelli Central said...

Day 50, wow, time flies by! I'm enjoying the frequent posts and photos...

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central