Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Externship - DAY 56 & 57–Horsemanship, Cleaning Up and Precision Pen Paces

Yesterday and today were fabulous days… both mornings started out the same, a very exhilarating game of soccer then horsemanship time. On day 56, Berin had us meet at one of the round pens without horses so we could watch him play with his horse Jasmine with liberty concepts and then with Muffet with the flank rope concepts.

On day 57 he instructed us to play with the flank rope concepts on our horses then saddle up, he did a mini-demo and talk on gate savvy and our horses helping us by taking up their responsibilities rather than hindering us. We then had personal horsemanship, on the first day I played at liberty and slowed things down, and I played with zone 5 driving fluidity at liberty. I do believe that was one of the best sessions I have ever had with him, it was beautiful and flowing with almost NO brace… it was beautiful, if so courageous to say so.

The next day I decided to play with his impulsion for my personal horsemanship time, we ride across the road and played with keeping it slow with no brace. Yesterday we had a good lunch, today we ran to get oats and hoof casting because all of the stores we needed to go to would be closed by the time we got off for the day! Yesterday we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the facility from the previous fast track, we cleaned everything! All of us were very proud of the beautiful end result. We had dinner, took care of our horses then baked cookies to celebrate.

This afternoon was spent with Jim Kiser and learning how to make a precision pen with your legs and arms, nothing else, no equipment and no savvy string… and was just about dead accurate, I learned a TON TON TON from this class and absolutely loved it. I know I will use this information for the rest of my life, if not every day of the rest of my life from now on!

This afternoon we did chores, took care of our horses, dinner and then came back and worked with our horses again. Tomorrow it looks like we will have soccer, horsemanship, lunch, then I am not sure the rest of the afternoon? I am sure we will get a good assignment from Berin, hopefully something that has to do with helping maintain and keep up the facility… I do believe we all enjoy helping here, it makes our hearts happy.

Tomorrow we plan on watching some mastery lessons together, which will be great for our horsemanship. So we will see how tomorrow goes! You never know here! Thanks for listening and see you then…

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