Saturday, March 19, 2011

Externship - DAY 60 - Hunker Down, Long Line Driving, Clean Up and Parelli Games

Friday morning, Day 60, was started by playing the hunker down game... improving our balance and rope handling skills. If you aren't savvy you WILL get rope burns! After we did that we met with Berin in the spotlight turnout field where we had the soccer game and played with long line driving on our 45 foot lines across the field. Berin sent us to lunch and back walking with our horses while playing with our long line driving, we went over and let our horses swim in the lake and then my family came up and joined us for lunch! We met Berin after lunch and he gave us our assignments, cleaning up pens and picking up spanish moss.

After we did our chores we walked our horses back across to the education station and ran back to the lodge to meet Berin to help set up for the Parelli games, I helped but our group did not have Parelli games Saturday. My family came and picked me up, I gathered my stuff and went to the hotel for a spa shower and went out to eat... I am really enjoying my time with my family today and will have time with them until Monday.

I am supposed to meet LeAnn on Monday morning to help with the new round of fast trackers, can't wait to see the new group come in! I will be concentrating on my family and not blogging until Monday. Today was spent resting, catching up on shopping, checked on Fabio and went out to eat at Bonefish with my family and friends. Tomorrow I will ride Sundance, do laundry, oil boots and saddles and who knows what else! I will talk with you soon, have a great weekend!

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