Monday, March 21, 2011

Externship–Day 61–Fast Track Check-In and Drill Team Practice

This morning started at a moon lit 5:00 am, six of us were blessed enough to be picked to greet the fast trackers on horseback. I slipped in through the night in my black hat and jacket, white button up shirt, dark wranglers and my best boots and spurs. I quietly greeted him and saddled up, we made our way to meet all of the externs at the office across the road at the lodge. We spend our time in the saddle from then until 12:00 pm, after that I rode back and printed out my resumes and turned that into LeAnn for my potential employment until my Internship in October.

We had a bit 0f lunch and myself and a fellow group B member helped me with the lunch dishes. We made our way across the road to work on our drills in our groups that Berin assigned us to perform at the end of this week… our timing was great and we all had a ton of fun! Afterwards I swam with Sundance across the pond,  had a meeting, took a shower and fed, watered and cleaned Sundance up.

We had dinner, I tended to Sundance a bit more and now we are all about to get together and study. I am very content with this day, and thankful for all I have… including my wonderful Parelli family.


Parelli Central said...

Just finished the last 25 posts that I had to catch up on ...Phew! You are one busy girl! Thanks for keeping all of us up to date. Crossing fingers and pressing thumbs (German) for the job!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

fiesta831 said...

Your first paragraph creates a really pretty image. Thanks for keeping us updated on your journey.