Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Externship–DAY 62–Simulation Fun and Teaching Rotations

Today was one of the most fun days yet for Sundance and I. This morning Berin taught us about setting our horses up for success when dragging objects like tires, cones, logs and fake cows! Berin brought out the fake metal cows and Sundance and I were confident enough to drag it, it was really heavy! I was so proud of Sundance, we really get along well especially when we have a purpose to what we were doing. This stuff is what I want to do, one of the students convinced me that I was ready to participate in the Martin Black clinic National Versatility Ranch horse clinic and competition this weekend, I will be hauling over with another student do participate with Sundance… our first REAL clinic. I should be going to a rodeo this Friday afternoon too, so I am very much beyond excited.

This afternoon I had the chance to learn from Ryan Rose, as he headed the small yet wonderful round of fast trackers in testing, specifically Tammy, a coach that I had the wonderful opportunity to work with! It was a blast, and great to learn from so many different people. We took care of our ponies, had dinner, fought with a couple of computers! Lost, and spent time with each other… now I am preparing for tomorrow, should be a wonderful day. I am going to try to ride more the rest of the week in preparation for the clinic… I have a a feeling tomorrow is going to be a good day, I can feel it in my bones. Can you?

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