Monday, March 7, 2011

Externship - DAY 49–Horsemanship and Presentations

This morning it was VERY cold to our surprise! We all woke up and took care of our beautiful ponies, had breakfast and joined everyone for an exhilarating game of soccer. As everyone huffed and puffed we could see their breath in the air, how beautiful are the seasons. Berin rounded the crew up and talked about what we had all learned over the weekend, then saddled up and played with the group led by Berin on freestyle tasks such as serpentining around 5 barrels while creating a nice bend in your body and in your horse.

After that session we went on a trail ride and played with that same concept on the trail until it was time for lunch. We untacked our horses and headed over to the lodge to grab some grub, then met up at the classroom at 2:00 pm to present our speeches on the topics that we were given, I was given the topic of the Paso Fino. I don’t know much and couldn’t find much but I tried to make up for it with my stage presence, enthusiasm and a handout! I don’t think it lasted long enough but I have learned… I really do like speaking!

Around five pm I had a meeting with Brian and Berin, which was very refreshing and actually caused me to let go of years of emotional issues, that I am okay as myself and that people do like me for who I am and I don’t have to put a mask on the survive in this environment. I do feel very different after letting that all go, we will see if there is a difference in me and my horse tomorrow and the weeks to come. Please keep your fingers crossed!

We had dinner then went across the street to do chores and take care of our horses, we also had some study time which is very nice. Tomorrow we should have horsemanship in the morning and then rotations in the afternoon, I am on horse development and Kallie isn’t here that I know of so I will probably be put on teaching… we will see what the day holds! All I know is that I am one tired and happy little Parelli student and I need to get some rest, Goodnight everyone, I am looking forward to tomorrow with you!

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