Sunday, March 13, 2011

Externship–DAY 53, 54 & 55–Time Flies When Your Changing the World

Let’s see! Day 53 was a Friday and I do believe that was a very cold day. The morning was spent playing soccer then joining Berin for a Freestyle obstacle course in the giant performance arena.  Which consisted of opening and closing a gate without touching the reins and keeping your hand on the gate the whole time, trotting to a cone then picking up a canter on the right lead. You canter through two marker cones at a canter then to a box where you stop and do direct and indirect rein both rides in the 360 without touching the reins. Then you trotted through a serpentine, then pick up a left lead and canter to one barrel, pick up the cone and drop it to the other barrel. Go canter and jump barrels, pass cones to another set of cones then back to the first set of cones. After that you go to a single barrel and sidepass over it, then go to the big green ball and roll it around all without touching reins. It was a blast! I really enjoyed doing it and watching everyone else do it to. Afterwards we went to the 180 round pen and played with the soft feel and suspension rein at different gaits, was lots of fun. For lunch we had burgers, chili, slaw, chips, icecream and soda! WOW! It was because the current Fast Track was graduating that day. What a treat! After we had lunch, all of us helped put the tables and chairs up in the cafeteria, clean out the classroom and student lounge. We were instructed to take our horses on a relaxing trailride, and that I did! After that relaxing experience we all met up to help set up for the Parelli games. After the games were set up I went across the road to clean up the facility, I ran late in doing that and it was past dinner time so we went out to eat… what a treat! We went to the grocery store to grab some things for the weekend and made our way home to catch some shuteye. It was a great day, tiring but inspiring!

Saturday was Day 54 and that morning two groups had the pleasure of helping out at the Parelli games. I was not in those two groups but I heard it went very well! I spent the morning taking care of my horse and giving him a thorough bath, very happy that he is now somewhat decently clean. Sarah came up and we went to starbucks and target to grab some items of importance! We made our way back and fed our horses their lunch and grabbed some of our own, then came back to groom them and ride. I do have to say I had one of the biggest epiphanies with Sundance in that session, Sundance is EXTREMELY bracey under saddle and it is and was really holding us back in our riding.  I found that whenever he decided to do his own thing, be stubborn and have a brace… that I would brace as much as he was in his body and a little more. Boy did he find brace uncomfortable! I looked like a very bad rider when this did happen, but he soon found that being relaxed, centered and flowing caused me to do the same thing! So I was able to trot him around the whole facility, even to his pen where he has a HUGE brace and draw, at a very slow rhythmic jog. I was ecstatic to say the least, I could hardly contain myself but I did. I am very excited to ride him today. After we rode we went and cleaned out the whole trailer, it looks better than when we first found it! We are very happy about our new little humble abode. We made our way to dinner then cared for our horses, we watched a movie together and fell asleep as a happy little Parelli family. What a wonderful day… I am so thankful.

The day is still young as number 55, so far I have taken a shower, had a handyman fix the trailer, taken care of my horse, breakfast, watched a lesson with and Extern and Farrah, grabbed food from panera and we are here at the laundromat doing laundry… they have internet here, so I am seizing the opportunity, hopefully the internet will be fixed tomorrow and you will be able to hear about the rest of today and about tomorrow! See you tomorrow!

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