Thursday, March 17, 2011

Externship - DAY 59 - Soccer Preparation, Roping Savvy, Personal Horsemanship, Demo Team and Soccer Tournament

Today has once again been a very exciting and inspiring day! We woke up, took care of our horses, and met up to prepare for our soccer tournament. We talked with Berin a bit then ran to get the chalker and chalked out a huge soccer field in a turnout pasture... was really proud of our team, they did awesome. We met at the intern tack room with Berin and he had us to some tasks to up our savvy with the 45 foot line... he taught us the beginnings of learning to rope, and we are to have the rope on us 24/7 until he says otherwise! We will see how savvy we can get, I am excited to practice.

After our exercises we saddled our horses and had our horsemanship time, I played with him at liberty and he did very well. I could tell that I personally was going to fast, was being impulsive, if I slowed it down it would have went even better! I rode my horse across the road and ate some lunch, then met with Berin again to work our our demo savvy and he had us split up and coordinate a demo to do in 2 songs or 6 minutes while riding our horses freestyle, I have such a great team and we did simulations on the ground with each other and wrote everything down, we are looking to start practicing with our horses tomorrow and over the weekend. I rode Sundance back across the road and prepped for the soccer tournament, then we played! I stayed out on the field the whole time as a defense player, it was so much fun! Every one did a great job and we all had so much fun, our team ended up scoring higher but in our hearts everyone was a winner! Everyone showed great teammanship.

To my happy surprise my family showed up during the soccer game! I didn't expect them until tomorrow, I am so glad they made it today! I greeted my beautiful family, so did my parelli family. We did chores and ate dinner, ran an errand and now we are doing homework and working on some resumes for my possible stay here as an employee in Florida until my internship in October... it is still very much up in the air, so it's no guarantee but we will see where it takes me! Hoping to get to bed early tonight, really in need for some rest... I will talk with you tomorrow!

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