Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Externship–DAY 69–Game of Contact, Trail Ride, Administration Class and Trimming with Zoe

This morning we had a great game of soccer, we have another match with apprentices and proteges next weekend! We met with Berin and all played with the game of contact, I also had a chance to go out into an open pasture to play with some games at the end of the 45 foot line and some long line driving. After we played with the game of contact, I decided to go on a relaxing trail ride with my friends… all three of us adventured around the block and back and then to lunch.

We had lunch and then joined LeAnn in administration class, where we had our last session full of great marketing/advertising tips, then understanding communication styles with all different kinds of people. I do believe I am a very kinesthetic person with auditory on the side! I really enjoyed the session, it was great. We rode our horses back to the station, grabbed dinner, did dishes then came back and Zoe gave me a lesson on barefoot trimming with Hoksila. It was GREAT! I really enjoyed it, she is wonderful. I have to feed Sundance and get ready for tomorrow, so I will talk with you soon!

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