Monday, March 28, 2011

Externship - DAY 65, 66, 67 & 68–Friday Preparation, NVRHA Clinic with Pat Parelli and Martin Black (Day 1 & 2), and Game of Contact with Linda Parelli

What a weekend! Friday was very relaxing and rewarding, the morning was spend with a wonderful learning session with Berin on getting us as partners to take our idea and making it theirs! In this case we wanted their idea to jump over a single barrel out of their own will power. We had personal horsemanship time and then left early to run some important errands! We came back to get Sundance shoed but we had our times mixed up and it didn’t work out. We took him back and spruced up his hooves as much as we could for cosmetics. I gave him a bath with purple shampoo to get him really white!

We packed my tack and went to dinner, cleaned up, got dressed and went to the big rodeo! It was very entertaining but painful to watch, not many good horsemen there… very good cowboys but not many horsemen. We got to bed then woke up at 5 am to had over to Martin Blacks Florida farm, we started the clinic and my group worked with Pat on the reining cow horse portion for 3 hours. We had lunch then worked with the president of NVRHA, Dave, on trail class and showmanship for 3 hours. We ran over to where Martin Blacks was working and he coached our group on cutting cattle out… I LOVE IT! We ran over to the roping dummies and got some tips on roping savvy from horseback. After all of those classes, we spent at the least 10 hours in the saddle! We dropped the horses back off at the ranch and went to eat some pizza then came home to get some rest!

The next morning we got up at 6 am and got to Martin’s place and started the competition at 9 am… my classes went from the cutting class, to the showmanship, to trails, to reining cow horse patterns then the ranch horse conformation class. Once all that was over we met up and everyone was given their rewards, I was blessed enough to be awarded with the 5th place ribbon on the trail class. I am very proud of Sundance and I learned a ton, I was fed with a shovel… there were no spoons there to use! We made our way home and ate a bit of dinner then hurried to bed! It was hard to get up this morning, but it was beautiful morning. Absolutely terrifyingly humid and miserably sweaty during soccer but we cooled down and spent half of our morning in the classroom with Linda for the Game of Contact presentation.

Then the other half was doing simulations with Linda, I heard all of this during my fast track last November… she has truly dedicated herself to never ending improvement. We had lunch and my afternoon was spent on the hay run, I gave Sundance a shower and myself and am updating here so I can get to bed early… I think us that were on the hay run and missed the afternoon of riding with Linda, are getting to make up on it at 6:45 pm at the black arena with Lyndsey Fitch. So I have to scoot! Thank you for patiently waiting for an update over the weekend. Great to be back and I will talk with you tomorrow!

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