Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Externship–DAY 63–Precision Pen Set Up, Cash False Alarm, and Drill Team Demonstration Time

Today was quite the adventure, but that’s what I love! We started off with a slow soccer game, but then ran over and grabbed the chalker and started chalking a 20x60 precision pen where our soccer field was once marked. It was great working with the team, we took a break and had to run to the bank to grab some cash to pay for the clinic this weekend… the online registration form was not working so we had to hurry and print it out to give to Berin so we could reserve our spots! I hope I can be a good representation of Parelli there, all I want to do there is to make Parelli proud and for people to see that Parelli helps ordinary people like me, do extraordinary things! Friday night we all plan on going to the big rodeo, we are super excited. In the mean time, we are all getting prepared for this weekend.

Back on track, after I got back from the bank, Berin called us all over to the pastures where the mothers-to-be are pastured so we could watch a potential foaling. No one really knows but Cash had seemed to be having a digestional problem, the baby was fine. I am not sure if she is okay right now, it was all pretty severe so everyone is pretty concerned. Cash is pretty tough, I am sure she and the baby will pull through.

After the false alarm, we met back over and measured our precision pen… we were only half a meter off! We had lunch, and then met up to see each others demos. Music, props and all! One group went to go, and the car wash toy cracked loud and scared the horses into a gallop… everyone was fine except for one person who bumped her head, we’ve got her in our thoughts for the headache to go away! She will be fine as far as I know, she’s tough too. Our group went after everyone calmed down, and our demo turned out to be WAY better than we expected. We were SO ecstatic! We should have a video up for you soon!

We went and had personal horsemanship time where I tested my B2 bit on Sundance for the weekend, he felt AMAZING! What a change, he felt very very very good! Zoe’s parents came in today and invited me to dinner, so I had the privilege of joining them, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

We came back and cared for our horses and talked a bit, now it is time for bed and time for another wonderful day… we don’t have much time left, and I plan on enjoying as much as I can and learning as much as I can from everyone. I am very blessed to have this opportunity.

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Priscilla said...

Hey there Mariah! I've been reading all your posts and I think they're LOVELY! :D I've been following all your Externship journey and MUCH more. It's so wonderful to get to hear all about your adventures and blessings! :D