Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Externship - DAY 70–Personal Horsemanship, Game of Contact and Hay Run

This morning was beautiful and humid, we had another absolutely wonderful game of soccer. We are all a bit more motivated, we have a game next week! I had the chance to call my parents before we played to tell them good morning, I do love my family so and can’t wait to see them. I also love my Parelli family here, they are the bee’s knees! It’s great to have both. Berin was caught up in meetings this morning, so we all got started on the tasks we played with yesterday morning.

This morning Sundance set it up to where we needed to play with him accepting the bit, canter to halt to backwards transitions at liberty on a circle, and then follow the rail and point to point at a trot, canter and gallop. He really taught me a lot today, I really enjoy being his partner and being able to learn from him. I am quite privileged to have such great teachers around me. We took a savvy trail ride with a couple in our group, playing with impulsion and weave amongst each other.

We made our way to lunch and then Group B, our group went to hay with Nate and the drafts, Thunder and Lightning. We loaded all 40 bales and then hayed the whole ranch, while it was pouring rain, thundering and lightning. We laughed, joked and sang the whole way… it was beautiful and I really truly will always remember it. We made our way back to the campers, where I had the chance to dry out and change. We are about to head to dinner and do dishes, we will watch some homework Parelli DVD’s afterwards. We are supposed to play with Linda tomorrow, so we will see!

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