Thursday, March 24, 2011

Externship–DAY 64–Personal Horsemanship, Setting up the Seat Builder, Horsemanship, Facility Class and Meeting

Tonight’s post will be somewhat short and I do believe I will be a little quiet this weekend because as of tomorrow morning I will be going non-stop! We should be helping load up the big Parelli rig for a big show this weekend on tomorrow afternoon, then we will have dinner and as soon as chores are done we will be leaving for the rodeo that afternoon. I have to take Sundance to Jim Crew at 3:00 pm tomorrow to get him shoed too, I can’t forget that! I have to get Sundance super clean for the clinic this weekend, we will be leaving super duper early on Saturday morning to participate in the Ranch Versatility clinic that Pat Parelli and Martin Black are teaching.  They will be filming which is also tons of fun! Our little group is very excited about this weekend, I am very excited too.

This morning we had soccer, Berin surprised us and jumped in and beat us… shame shame! Then we met up and talked, myself and two other people set up our own personal extern/intern seat builder. (hand run bucking bull) Then tallied up our horses and did some personal horsemanship, had a great liberty and freestyle session. Linda, Lauren, Hillary, Lyndsey and Amy came gallivanting on their beautiful horses! What a wonderful surprise. Berin juggled in between us and talking with them as we learned about being suave with going from a walk, to a hindquarters in, to sideways to back all in one smooth transitions… we all tried it at a trot, it was a lot of fun.

We came  in late and didn’t have much time for lunch, I grabbed some toast and went to see Jim Kiser for our last wonderful facility class… very sad it is ending, as I really enjoyed that class, I am sure I will learn more from him in my internship! We met early for our 4:30 pm class and the fast trackers and also Mark Weiler joined us this time, they showed a video of  a recent meet with Pat, Linda, Mark, Sue and Niel about the Parelli Foundation. It was very inspirational and I am even more proud of Parelli, as if I could be more proud!

We had dinner and did dinner duty, then ran errands and took care of our horses… I am very ecstatic about the weekend, I need to get some rest so I can run on full batteries! Oh well, talk soon guys! Be patient if you don’t hear from me until Sunday or Monday… I will try my best to send as many pictures throughout the day from my phone! 

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