Thursday, March 31, 2011

Externship - DAY 71 - Thunderstorms, Rats, Cockroaches and Curious Fast Trackers

This morning we all woke up with a boom! Literally, there were thunder and lighting storms all around us as we rushed to get out of our little trailer and off to safety. We ran out in the drenching rain with our Parelli rain coats and fed our hungry sopping partners, the lodge offered us warmth and safety as we ate breakfast and waited for direction for the morning. We were sent to the Draft Barn, in its previous life, a Giraffe Barn when the facility was a private zoo. It is now a zoo to hosting giant rats and pesky cockroaches, we were asked to clean the place up as a team. We followed the core value of doing more with less, getting it done with a little fun and exceeding expectations. We all had a blast as we creeped into the unknown and found trinkets that are probably older than we may be ourselves. The whole place was scrubbed clean and we were proud! Nate gave us a few tips with the draft horses, and then we met Berin to watch the beginnings of the old Level 3, Refinement, with Pat Parelli and Liberty Major. We had lunch and then myself and another extern had the privelidge of being the voice for the externs while the current fast trackers asked us questions about our roles and experiences. I went back and spent undemanding time with my horse and cleaned up, we had dinner and cleaned up. We are currently finishing homework that Berin has given us and using up as much precious time we have left, because as of tomorrow we only have 7 days left as externs. I am currently mentally and emotionally preparing myself for the trip up to Georgia to spend time with Marc De Champlain and then to home again, where I will start yet another chapter in my life. I am ready for it, I know everything that is supposed to happen will happen and I will make the best of it. But then again we have 7 WHOLE DAYS left, so stick with me at least until then. See you tomorrow!


GKasun said...

Mariah,I just wanted to say how wonderful it has been following your Fast Track and Externship experiences! As a student endeavoring to follow the same path and become a Parelli Professional the insights you have shared into the program are priceless and the furvour and joy with which you follow your goals is truly inspirational. I look forward to following you along the rest of your journey. Best of luck and stay savvy!

Sarah said...

Hey Mariah,

I can hardly believe you have only 7 weeks left before you complete your externship - it's flown!

I want to thank you so much for sharing every moment with us, I was even reading your blog on my phone at work to remind me of what I'm aiming for! You're so inspirational to me and it's great to see you progress so much with your horsemanship.

Good luck in your final week and of course in the next stage of your life to follow! Be passionate in all that you do and please, keep in touch.

Lots of love
Sarah French xxx