Monday, November 30, 2009

Contemplating Level 4 Online and Liberty Assessment Send-In


     As the title says, I do believe I will send it in. I have printed out the Audition Assessment sheets, and Sundance and I are ready. I have looked over the Level 4 Online and Liberty passes on Youtube, and I know we can do that and more. I came up with some SUPER ideas last night around 11 PM, the only time I really get to think! Fabio and I are getting ready to knock socks off! Well, at least that's our goal. Hopefully the videos will be up within a couple of weeks, I am not in a rush and I want this to be high quality. I am shooting for a Level 4++ pass AND I have to beat Jesse Peters anyway, he said he wants me to pass Level  4 before he does. Well, that was a mistake! Because I took him seriously, and I WILL! So, Mister Jesse, be looking for an email soon containing my passing videos. XOXOXOXO


Here are pictures of miss Aamira from the past weekend, she's a real doll!...

November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009 (a)

Here's one I received from Beth of her first weekend here... Thanks B!



Savvy out, sweet hearts... until next time...



Priscilla said...

Your baby is ADORABLE! But not as cute as my pony! ha ha!! Cricket and I are trying to find to time to get together the video... It's kinda hard..

We went on a bareback and bridless ride in the pasture and whipped around some corners! Lol.. ha ha

I hope you pass level 4 with TWO SUPER ++!!

Savvy out, dear!


Priscilla said...

Oh and another thing... Try to knock Jesse Peters pink socks off! ha ha