Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What is your Horsenality?

I decided to figure out what my "Horsenality" is, imagine yourself as a horse and fill it out!...
Mariah's Horsenality Profile
I am as equally extroverted as I am introverted on this chart, because I can turn on and off the personality I want... that is a learned behavior from me being around people, I also feed off of peoples energy very easily. I am naturally left brained, but can be a right brained introvert in uncomfortable situations...
Now,  horsenalities and personalities are VERY different. There is a difference between species,  the "ultimate predator" and the "ultimate prey". Now, stop imagining yourself as a horse and come back to humansville.
Take this test, http://mypersonality.info/ .

Here are my results, http://mypersonality.info/mariahhelms.
I am an ENTJ, Extrovert - iNtellect - Thinker - Judgmental, also known as " The Chief".
The more you learn about yourself, the more you can read people and learn from them. Remember, "Body language is the universal language." - Pat Parelli


Tracychan said...

Thanks for the links about the personality info. I found out that I am an ISTP: Introverted (I already knew this), Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving which also means Introverted Thinking with Extraverted Sensing. This type has been dubbed as "The Mechanic."
Take care,

savvyknight said...

lol! here is mine! I'm more RBI naturally

Tina said...

Do you have the horsenality chart in a file type that lets you add the dots in such a pretty way? Can you share? I've done it in Paint or similar programs, but the dots aren't always centered in the boxes as nicely as yours are, and it can be hard to get them where I want them. The fact that that bothers me must be (and is!) a big indicator of my personality! ;)

Catherine Nugent said...

Here's a link to mine!

I'm an INTP

I did it awhile ago when I saw your chart up on your blog.

Priscilla said...

You look a lot like Casper, Tri-Polar!