Monday, October 4, 2010

Change of Seasons, Acceptance, Circumstances and Lives

Hello Friends,

The weather has blessed us with a cool breeze to temper down our stress and the heat that the wretched summer brought us these months past. I am watching the trees being caressed by the wind, as the water of our beautiful lake dances with the reflection of the equestrian partners above, grazing peacefully on the green foliage below. How wonderful the change of seasons are to the inhabitants of earth, the outsiders of the business world, the horse lovers... those who would rather endure the natural elements, instead of the comforts of artificial temperatures of the home. Change brings so many things to our life, such as joy, happiness, sadness, confusion, adaptability, learning, flexibility, chances, new beginnings or drawn-out ends. But change, is inevitable... "Change is the only constant factor in life." Thank goodness for it, it keeps life exciting, worth living. It grows us in character and makes us who we are, hopefully for the better.
Christian Helms and Doc, playing at Dan Thompson Clinic
Photographs courtesy of Aaron Tomblin
I love change because it causes me to become a stronger and better person. Through change I have grown, especially through these past few months. Having been teaching more, focusing on equine care and barn management, stuffing my brain with as much Parelli materials and basic to advanced horse knowledge, learning to manage and take care of a home, fulfilling responsibilities I don't want to fulfill... becoming a busier and more responsible person with these horses, is one of the most joyful responsibilities I have ever fulfilled. Mucking stalls, feeding, grooming, cleaning, sweeping, pulling weeds, coordinating clinics, doing paperwork, managing 10 horses hooves as a farrier, teaching lessons, teaching horses, watching miracles happen every day... what a WONDERFUL job.
At the moment I am doing this and much more as I prepare for my expedition to the Parelli Florida campus, my mind is doing flips! But the journey is the most fulfilling part, I am enjoying this time of preparation... it is causing me to grow. Sundance seems to be the healthiest and most beautiful he has been in years, his attitude towards me has been totally different since I have been working with Dan Thompson the past few months. I have been introduced to a different Sundance than I knew before, I do not have a punk at the end of my rope but instead I have another "Mariah" at the end of my rope. He seems confident, but if you push him around instead of asking he will get upset because he does not want to be "wrong". I do the same thing, I get angry or upset when I am wrong, because my intentions are nothing but for the best and I always strive for perfection. When I get something wrong, I get angry at myself. Sundance somewhat is coming from that same position too, he offers so much to me, I just need to learn to ask and pick up on what he is offering me.
Mariah Helms and Aamira listening to overview of the day at Dan Thompson Clinic.
The clinic was very exciting, amazing changes were made in horses and even MORE SO with people! The experience was one I will never forget, and changed MANY peoples lives for the better. Lives will not be the same, and I look forward to seeing the fruits of our labor in the future! I also look forward to seeing how the relationships with my horses change, I am starting to see a dramatic difference!
Photographs courtesy of Aaron Tomblin
Hopefully I will be able to enjoy one more lesson with Dan before I leave for Florida. Here is my current plan and schedule for my departure to Florida, this list includes my friend and traveling partner, Sarah, who is coming down from WAY up north in Massachusetts. She will be taking classes with me in Florida, which I am very excited about.
Oct. 28th - Sarah pulls in with horse and trailer to our home to rest.

Oct. 29th - Sarah and I leave early AM to head to house in Reddick, FL, 10. Will arrive later afternoon.

Oct. 30th - Open house at Parelli Campus, going to see the sights.

Oct. 31st - Settle more into house, get needed items, prepare horses and let them settle in.

Nov. 1st - Check in time between 9:00 am - 12:00 PM... Settle horses in on campus, unload tack and park trailers. Class starts at 1:00 PM.

Nov.1st - 26th - Fast Track class! Got to get my big girl pants on and get ready for some whip cracking!

Nov. 27 (28)th
- Parents, Ed and Tonya, should be heading down to pick me up and break at Disney World for Thanksgiving.

Will be home and resting until take-off in January of 13 or 14, 2011. Externship should start on January 15 of 2011.
Without a doubt, I am very busy and excited about this upcoming trip and look forward to seeing how I will mature and the person I will become because of this rare opportunity. I am very much looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces at Pat's ranch and catching up with some of the people I love so dearly! I will feel right at home, as I did last February and cannot wait to show my appreciation by giving them all that I have. I am ecstatic to see where this takes me, and how many people and horses will be changed through it. I only pray I will get everything right!


Parelli Central said...

Enjoy your journey, I'm sure it will be an exciting time!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Sofie said...

You have a really nice blog it´s fun to follow your journey. Good luck at the fast track, it´s so much fun. I did mine in June in Colorado and I´m going back in January so maybe I´ll se you there :-)

Kerrin Koetsier said...

This is so wonderful, Mariah! Sounds as if everything is falling into place for you as you head out to Parelliville... something about having great foundations before specialising!

Go get it, girl!

Kerrin (Koetsier)