Saturday, October 30, 2010

Continued Pictures of the Facility - Out Back in the Royalty

Jim Crew, Jim Crew's Farrier Shack and Pat Parelli's Performance Barn... so nice to be back! Weather is quite warm, but not humid so it is bearable. Heading home now to feed horses and relax our poor tired feet. Jim will be working on Fabio Monday after our course orientation. Remmer will be fine, severed his ligaments on one leg from a shoe by being his clumsy self. Should take a minimum of 6 months for recovery, he's gonna be one spoiled little pony... I am sure he will enjoy the pampering after the pain passes. The Open House was perfect, couldn't have gone any better. I am very excited to be here, this is where I belong. :-) Keep checking on here for frequent updates!

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