Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is Not the End... It is the Beginning

His feet and body no longer ache. He is up there wondering why we would want to be down here? He is with Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. He is my guardian angel above, I have an angel that loves me. He is a "star" in the heavens, showering light to the dark world above. You will forvever be in my heart and your legacy will live on through me forever. Thank you Starsky, I love you, job well done.


Naturally Gaited said...

I'm sorry. He was sure lucky to have you guys.

Katie Hufton said...

Mariah, I am so so sorry for your loss. Like you said, he's no longer in any pain and with every horse and human life you touch, you'll be honoring his memory. God bless you and your family and you all will be in our prayers here at home. If you ever need anything or want to talk, you've got my number.
Take care, girl.

Sarah said...

Mariah I know I'm reading this late but my thoughts are with you and Starsky in his new home, I know how hard it is to lose a horse. I'm sure he's so proud of you and your journey to change the horse world, often the hardest times give us the greatest strength.

I think that is one of the greatest things you may get out of the externship is that value, of inner strength. I wish you and Sarah all the best on your new adventure and thank you for sharing, it's so inspiring to read your story and to remind me that it is possible to truly live your dreams :)

Lots of love
Sarah French xx