Thursday, January 27, 2011

Externship - DAY 11 - Western Saddling with Savvy, Horsemanship Patterns and Administration in the Office

Hello Everyone! Today was another wonderful day. We had another funny dose of the backwards Australian upside down rugby football game, it was great! Berin went over saddling and unsaddling a western saddle with savvy, great stuff to know! I am looking forward to learning how to do the same thing with savvy with an english saddle. Berin said we would be all riding in our opposite saddle and tack during our externship, which I cannot wait to do. We had 3 hours to play with our horses with the topic of follow the rail with rythm and relaxation.... I learned that Sundance and I will progress when we take our time riding, more like an hour + or more to really get the consistency I need to progress.

We went to lunch then to Administration in the Office for a couple of hours, here is an update from Parelli Connect that I posted... go to and add me as Mariah Helms and look at how my day went! Go get connected on Parelli Connect! I did kitchen duty along with my group, Group B, which is aways fun. I am not sure as to what we are doing tomorrow morning, but I do know we should be doing our presentations in the afternoon and the campus weekly meeting around 5:30 pm. I am going to finish the last details tonight on my presentation, I am very excited about the presentation! Please wish me luck, it won't be easy! BUT if it was easy, anybody could do it! Talk to you all soon, thanks for listening. I encourage comments, please give me some feedback on anything andd everything!


maria said...

Mariah I am really enjoying following your blog, just to see what an extern gets upto also gives me a few ideas as to things to do and what amazes me is the 2hr follow the rail man I for one has not spent long enough on FTR and as you say you will progress when you take your time riding and be really consistent then you will progress, think I need to take that one on board as well
Keep posting its great, you write from your heart makes it like having a conversation

Samantha Thorning said...

Hi Mariah!

I sent you a PM on the SC forum and one to your hotmail with additional Qs about your externship. Did you receive them? If not, I can resend - wasn't sure if you wanted me to clutter up your blog postings with Qs! =)


Samantha Thorning said...

Hi Mariah,

I left you a few Q's on your email and via PM on the SC forum... Have you received them? Wasn't sure if I should keep posting Q's in your comment boxes on your blog =)