Thursday, January 20, 2011

Externship - Day 4 - Working Cow Horse and Heavy Saddles

Today started normally, we played dodge ball as the name game! We tested on a Working Cowhorse Pattern, very new and fresh to our minds! We had lunch and then tested on saddling a very tall panel with a very heavy saddle WITHOUT the stirrups clanging the sides! We had other test such as worming and cleaning hooves out with savvy, and assembling a hackamore with savvy. Afterwards we cleaned up with facility and headed to the mandatory meeting where everyone on campus including Pat and the Mastery students and employees meet every Thursday... we share names and interests, core values and important announcements. It was a lot of fun, Pat spoke and a Parelli instructor from Switzerland was awarded is 5 Stars. I will send more pictures from my phone soon from the whole day! Tomorrow we are supposedly going to do Finesse testing, our last day of testing but it has already started raining and they are calling for thunderstorms all day tomorrow! Eek! I am part of the group to help with the Parelli Games here on campus this Saturday. I just got done with supper which was delicious, off to blanket the horses and head to ColdStone Creamery with some of the group to eat some yummy ice cream! See you soon... looking forward to blogging about the next couple of exciting days! Savvy Out! Mariah

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