Friday, January 21, 2011

Externship - Day 5 - Parelli, Parelli and more PARELLI!

Today was a more eventful day! We woke up at our normal 5:30 am and took care of our horses, had breakfast and because of the rain we met in the classroom. Berin took all of the sound equipment out and told us the in's and out's of operating a sound system for yourself, others and in classrooms. Quite exciting, I am looking forward to doing some more hands on stuff with the equipment! I will be shadowing under Jarno tomorrow morning during the Parelli Games, helping with the sound so next time I can do it on my own for the games. The games are open for all Savvy Club members and last from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm here at the Parelli Ranch and are a blast to boot! If you get the chance to bring you and your horse over and maybe even your friends, it is a wonderful opportunity to really see where you and your horse are actually at and how you handle situations "under stress".

I for one have noticed that when it comes to testing me in my horsemanship with my horse I go into a different world with in my head. I am not sure where it goes and why it goes there, but it does! We do not get tasks done that I know we are beyond fully capable of doing because my brain goes in a frenzy, and Sundance picks up on it! So I plan to put myself through as many tests and Parelli games I can put myself into!

After we learned about the speaker systems we had a meeting about the Parelli Connect, all instructors are BEYOND excited about what Parelli Connect will bring to the Parelli Community, it will change how the Parelli Community communicates and functions and will increase the positive, progressive and natural aspect of this program in ways we can' t fully see at the moment! If you are a SAVVY CLUB MEMBER I urge you to QUICKLY sign up for your free membership! You will not be sorry, get on there are start becoming an active member in this growing community. You can sign in at! Look for me there!

We broke for lunch and took care of our ponies, poor things trumping around in the mud! Carmen Smith, a Parelli Professional and active Parelli Games leader explained the whole process of putting on the Parelli Games. We met about this and broke into our groups and set up the campus for the games in the morning! Which we are all excited about.

I will send some great pictures from my phone, we got a good bit so be looking for them! Good stuff! :0) I will check in with you all tomorrow, should be an exciting day. Parelli Games, out for a traditional lunch with the group and a dinner at the Mastery Dorms! Savvy out, Mariah and Sundance

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