Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Externship - Day 16 - Classroom Crunched for Time

Woke up at 5:00 am and rushed out to the horses! Fed, mucked, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. My horse happens to be white, and the ground never seems to be... at least not that I know of! So the fought began, well the fought actually began Sunday night since I gave him a bath... and those of you who have white horses know that the battle never ends! But the blood, sweat and tears (literally) all pay off when you see your majestic beast awe the crowd with his beauty... totally worth it! *wink*

We started with our rugby and then went on to saddling, warming up and follow the rail with more pieces to the puzzle all the while the 1 star instructor course participants watching! I actually was not nervous, surprisingly! I enjoyed it very much actually. Afterwards we joined the rest of the course participants for Instructor Policies Test, great stuff to learn! Remind me to share the reading list Pat Parelli recommended to us yesterday. After that Linda did a seminar on "The Question is not the Question", reading students when they are asking questions, supposedly asking questions and helping them while their emotions were up. AMAZING! Great job, Linda!

After lunch, a very rushed lunch as we cared for our ponies, we listened to Pat talk with the group about the instructor program, Ann Kiser also talked about it too. Afterwards I quickly cut to the feed store before it closed at 6:00 pm to get some shavings as it is supposed to rain rain rain starting tonight until forever into the week and next week it seems. I came back and we unloaded 15 bags of the stuff, fed horses and sprinted to the lodge to get some food before it ended at seven! Then we headed back over to the Foundation Station, flipped on the arena lights and played with our horses until 9:00 pm! We got to moooovveee!

I can only sit so long in a class room and I start to begin to develop some stable vices, so please if you see me cribbing in the counters in the back the lodge, don't be too freaked out! Just go get me a cribbing collar! Ha ha! Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit like today, morning-wise, but we will see how it all goes according to weather! :o) Another adventure tomorrow! Mariah

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Parelli Central said...

Love your blog, Mariah. Very informative... My favorite part of the instructor course was Linda's presentation about "the question is not the question".. How interesting!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central