Thursday, February 3, 2011

Externship - DAY 18 - Days Go By

Goodness gracious! It has been quite a good day, and a good week. Tomorrow is the last day of the 1 star Professionals Course and the whole group seems to be very excited about tomorrow! I wonder how many professionals will graduate!? I hope our group of unprofessionals will graduate as 1 stars? About half of our groups are not certified professionals and am sure we will qualify but we probably will not know until the end of the Externship, but that's okay! I do believe I will cry when I finally find out that I am a professional, I am very excited to teach!

This morning we met up and walked to Pat Parelli's barn where we had the privledge of watching Pat's apprentices and proteges warming up his western performace horses and then watching Pat ride them with the cow simulator and with the real cows on multiple horses. We also got to watch other apprentices and proteges riding as Pat coached them! They know how to stay clean, green and handsome... positive, progressive and natural and getting it done with a little fun!

Afterwards we walked back to listen to Ann about the answers to the policy tests we took so we can know more about how the professionals deal with people and the legal aspect of the Parelli business... I am so very glad I am getting to know more about the legal and business aspect of the business side of the professional program, something I really wanted and needed to know. We went over the theory test with Carol Coppinger after that, EVERYONE should know the answer to these! Most of the answers can be found in Pat Parelli's fabulous book "Natural Horsemanship".

We broke for a very quick lunch then met back with the Red Light owners to talk about how the red lights work and heal horses, humans and just about any breathing animal! Linda Parelli so graciously joined us for an open Q & A session, her energy is so wonderful with people. The whole group felt like we were sitting in a cozy lounge together just relaxing and sipping on coffee. She brought Moxie and Vinnie with her and we closed the doors as they all sniffed around on the ground for a potential treat.

Afterwards the 1 stars retook their theory test and Sarah and I left to feed our horses and to grab some dinner. By then the arena lights were on and had the luck of being able to play with our horses in the gorgeous dark of the night! Sundance is not much of an introvert anymore, he has changed very much! I am going to have to re-do his horsenality chart and see what characteristics he is showing now (I will try my best to post it here). Today we played online with canter to halt to back transitions on the 45 foot line, then I put on his new beautiful bosalita with a horse hair mecate and hopped in the saddle to play with follow the rail, a million transitions, consistency within gait and bend on different circles then backing and half spins. He is teaching me quite a bit through every session, I am so happy with all we are doing.

Yesterday Pat Parelli talked about the Parelli Foundation, where you can donate and all of the money they recieve will be given to a student in the form of a scholarship. Through your membership on Parelli Connect a procede will be given to the foundation and if you are a silver or gold member, most of your money will be given to the foundationn. Pat Parelli's goal and dream is that all the students that have enough dedication and talent will come here and they will be able to study here for a course or even the whole mastery program for free through the foundation. HOW EXCITING! They had people raise their hands that are here because they recieved a scholarship, most of the people there raised their hands! All of the people in the group that answered questions last night had all recieved a scholarship! It will make it much more achievable for people to live their dreams! Now is the time to sign up for courses, instructor courses or the mastery program! Email or for scholarships at

I want to STRESS THE IMPORTANCE and the beautiful opprotunity that lies within Parelli Connect, get signed up now! It is the future of PARELLI NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP! The world of Parelli now lives in Parelli Connect, it is now the life blood of the Parelli Campus! You will be updated about everything that goes on here, future opprotunties, events, instructor contacts, updates and MORE MORE MORE! This is the future of Parelli, get into it now here in the present. If you sign up now you will find the Parelli Level 1 Videos in completion on the site for free! What a deal! I urge you to get on... you will not regret it!

It seems tomorrow we may have graduations for the 1 star course, I do believe we don't have to get up as early tomorrow morning... get an extra hour of sleep hopefully. Tomorrow hopefully I will get the chance to share with you the books Pat recommended to us and the CORE VALUES that the Parelli Campus runs off of with whole heartedness... wonderful concepts. I plan on keeping them as my concepts for SURE!

Thanks for listening, we will talk tomorrow... hope you have had a wonderful day!

Mariah Helms

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Liane said...

Loving your blogs about your externship journey. THANKS!

Also looking forward to the reading list and Core Values.

Enjoy your extra hour of sleep, and keep up the great work!