Friday, February 4, 2011

Externship - DAY 19 - 1 Star Graduation Day

This morning we met at 9:00 am to discuss the processes we will have to go through and do before we teach as 1 star professionals, then Lyndsey did a demo with bridle preparation on a young horse and getting excellence with it on the ground. We came in to take the Professionals Policy test! Took a lunch break, in which we went and mucked stalls and fed and watered horses, then we met back at 2:30 pm for Pat to raffle off the last Road to the Horse ticket... afterwards Pat awarded Carmen Smith her 4 stars!

We met in the lodge and EVERYONE found out that everyone completed the whole course with an 80% or above! Talk about raising the bar! We all took picures and broke for the rest of the day, I stopped and talked with Parelli saddles about my saddle fit, ran to Publix for weekend needs and then came back and played with Fabio... we ran another errand then we came back in now to finally grab some munchies and get some rest. Tomorrow we have a seminar at the Conference room in a nice hotel here in Ocala, Linda will be talking to many professionals about the Elements of Man. Not sure what that is? But I am looking forward to it!

I got in much much later than expected, I was planning on working on answering your questions and giving you the reading list and the core values tonight but it looks like I can serve all of you much better by sleeping tonight and taking my time to answer your questions and give extra tips and information tomorrow afternoon when I have more time to concentrate and give you my all... I apologise to those who were looking forward to seeing this info tonight, I promise you I will be able to serve you better tomorrow! :o) Looking forward to tomorrow night, thanks so much guys. Mariah Helms

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