Saturday, February 5, 2011

Externship – DAY 20 – Conference with Linda, Reading List and 8 Core Values

The 8 Core Values

… are what the whole campus and the people who reside on it live by, we wholeheartedly try our best to live by these concepts and make it a point to assign a core value every week and all discuss it in a mandatory meeting every Thursday night at 5:30 pm.

Put the Relationship First

  • - whether with your horse, partner, family, co-workers, customers, vendors or business partners.
  • - use open, honest and respectful language (non-violent communication).

Be the Best Me I Can Be

  • - pursue a positive perspective.
  • - be impeccable with your word.
  • - be solutionary.
  • - don’t take things personally.

Get it Done, with a Little Fun (Create Fun with Individuality)

  • - celebrate individuality – you are free to be yourself
  • - have fun activities outside of work without horses sometimes

Exceed Expectations ‘WOW’ Service

  • -whether you are an instructor or in Parelli Support, aim to deliver more than the student or customer expects, everyone is a customer

Embrace Never Ending Self-Improvement

  • - for us individually, as a team and as a family
  • - nurture learning and change
  • - embrace imagination an creativity
  • - create support and promote opportunities for personal and professional growth

Do More With Less

  • - how can we be more efficient and effective
  • - work smarter, not harder
  • - how can we best utilize the resources we have

Be Humble

  • - service above self
  • - be an ‘active parent’ and put your family’s needs before that of yourselves
  • - be inclusive not exclusive (not autocratic)
  • - values before egos
  • - being authentic about helping the world from the ‘spirit’ of humility

Truth, Transparency and Trust

  • - honesty
  • - zero gossip

Keep it Natural

  • - it’s a lifestyle choice

Pat’s Recommended Reads to Parelli Professionals







ZERO LIMITS– Joe Vitalli

Here is a post from the blog of my fellow extern, roommate, travel mate and best friend, Sarah Berg, about the Elements of Man Seminar, her perceptions of the week and more information about ‘Fix What First?’ actually is…

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Elements of Man

Linda's presentation on "The Element of Man" was today! It was GREAT! I learned so much and Linda was able to clear up many confusions I had. She talked about different personalities and how to approach them. The four main personalities are Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Linda gave examples from what each personality will eat, how they wear their hair, face shape, what kind of car they would drive, and how they would react to situations. That is really all I can share with you about today, more is to come from Linda about this subject! How exciting!!
This week flew by so fast! It was packed full of information about becoming a Parelli Professional, the Parelli Program, the Parelli Foundation, and SO many other topics! Pat and Linda both gave quite a few presentations, and I was honored to be able to listen to what they had to tell us. The One Star group had an awesome Q and A with Linda on Thursday, which was AWESOME!!! Loved every minute of it.. it was fascinating. We discussed horsenalities, horsemanship, the game of contact, Linda's horses, and so much more!!
This week we also had a session with Linda on "Fix What Game First". She explained to us how to slow down with corrections in order to make the biggest difference. What one change will make the biggest difference? Instead of helping a student by making multiple changes, try and make one change that has the biggest impact and see how things flow afterwards. Always start with the big picture, don't be too picky about the little things. What will make the most important change for the student that they can reproduce? She gave us an example of this by having a volunteer pose while another volunteer tried to copy what they were doing. Then people would come up and make changes to make the two people as similar as possible in their positions. Then Linda had us do it with just one correction. We all split up into groups after to play around with this ourselves and experience it. Linda gave an amazing presentation!

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Lauren Barwick talking about finesse in preparation for the Walter Zettl lessons coming up this week

I received my certificate for completion of the One Star course!

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Pat awarding Carmen Smith her 4th star!!

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So my day ended in the shop, where the hay bales are piles feet upon feet high practicing my dance routine and teaching Zoe and Sarah how to Waltz. There is JUST enough open solid floor to practice, I thought I wouldn’t be able to dance for 3 months! NOW I CAN and I am very ecstatic at this opprotunity. I plan on talking with Berin about the idea of me giving free waltz lessons every week, I would love to do it and it would be a great physical activity to get the world off the brain! Wish me luck!

I will talk with you tomorrow, be well and be savvy!

Mariah Helms

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