Monday, February 7, 2011

Externship - DAY 22 - Linda's Presentations


Today went by so fast, I don't know what to say! Today consisted of Linda talking with us about Finesse v. Freestyle and then talking about dealing with fear in you and dealing with students with fear in the afternoon... learned a lot of great teaching points today and had a chance to work on Sarah's blog... it's all new!

Take a look at

It rained ALL day today, it was hard and windy but beautiful rain... the place needed the water. Sundance stayed in his pen today all wrapped up in his blanket nice and warm. Tomorrow morning we are to meet at the black arena at 9:00 am to watch Walter Zettl give Linda and maybe some other students some lessons then after that Kallie should be doing a presentation, so we are all beyond excited!

See you all tomorrow!

XOXO Mariah

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