Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Externship - DAY 22 - Walter Zettl, Bridle Wisdom and Patrick Henley

             This morning we had the chance to take our time, we met at 9:00 am at the Precision Pen at the Enchanted Forest at the Parelli Center (of course). Walter Zettl came on time and Amy Book received a simple lesson on excellence in the precision pen. Then Linda and her crew came in, Linda has been keeping it easy in the arena with West Point because of the rising emotions he experiences when he encounters an arena. Today she stayed in longer than she has ever since receiving him, and he made me cry... what a talented horse! So beautiful.

             Afterwards Lauren Barwick came in with her new horse, Fergie, it was only her third ride on this horse. Fergie is BEAUTIFUL, she has a GREAT mind and wonderful training! Watch out Olympics 2012! Then we were able to watch Pat for just a couple of minutes on one of his Atwood super horses! John Baar came to the classroom and shared about Bridle Wisdom with us, here are some notes I took...

Bridle Wisdom

John Baar

February 8, 2011


Webbed halter vs. Rope halter

•    Webbed halter weighs more and promote the porcupine game, helps horse push into pressure.
•    Rope halter harder to push against and is lighter, promotes the porcupine game.

H1 – Halter with Mecate, Parelli’s Natural Hackamore (lateral flexion)
•    NO twisted wire snaffles – will give more control only because it inflicts plain, same with mechanical hackamores.
•    Cradle is totally different, nothing near a gag bit or mechanical hackamore.
•    Use it because it is universal fit, bosals are not general they fit only certain horses after shaped.

H2 – Flexible bosal with head stall and rope mecate. (Starting into vertical)

H3 – Full bosal with horse hair/wool reins. (Starting more vertical flexion)
Sweet Iron Snaffle – lateral, not vertical flexion.
•    For control of horse, not refinement, contact or engagement.
•    Joint or Nutracker piece on snaffle.
•    The thinner the more control you get, the thicker the less.
•    Good for trail rides if horses lose control… that is not the cure though, the cure is the relationship online.
•    Snaffle means NO LEVERAGE – means every ounce you put on the reins, he will feel it the same in the bit.
•    One hand at a time, is not meant for two hands.
•    Rein leathers cause delay to give horse more time with people that are beginning, protects reins also.

Shanks mean LEVERAGE – means every ounce you put on the reins, he will feel it increase in the bit.

Comfort/Confidence Snaffle – Myler Bit and Parelli Bit
•    Teaching horses not to be afraid of bit, not for horses with control issues.
•    Thick bit to use with fluid rein and game of contact.
•    Heading towards contact and Finesse

Cradle Bridle

C1 – no tongue release, RBE Horses. (Horse feels safer, hand holding for confidence)
C2 – some tongue release, RBI Horses. (Same as above!)
C3- maximum tongue release, LB Horses.
•    Primarily for contact, not much for trail riding.
•    Small rings get a feel of a shank, more pressure on the nose band and curb strap.
•    Big rings have more direct contact to the bit.
•    Can help with control but that’s a band-aid, get it on the ground first.
•    Don’t be quick to use solid curb strap on cradle. 50 rides would not be over doing it on the elastic.

ONLINE AND FINESSE – Right Brained Horses

Used halter and bit, like western double bridle… there to transition from hackamore to bits.

Bosal or Snaffle – Level ½

Bosal and Bit – Level 3 into 4
Finished Bridle Horse – Level 4 +

Bridle 2 and 3
Same mouth pieces of Cradles, can work with either horsenalities though.
•    B2 – Right Brained
•    B3 – Left Brained
•    For one hand, not two.
•    Not for control, but for refinement.
•    For confident riders, not unconfident riders.


            After lunch Linda Parelli’s mentor and friend, Patrick Henley, which also helped create horsenalities, spoke about the NEW humanality concept and how to figure out your humanality! It was totally and completely accurate, I wish I could share but not sure if I can quite yet… I think it is a part of the new Dream Horse program? Matching up horses to humans according to their personality. 

           After we were boggled by that wonderful information, we completed our chores, grabbed some delicious dinner and went and played! I had to put my chaps on, today has been the bitterest meanest cold I have felt here! Thanks to the absolute genius of an angel of mine, Sundance and I did our first flying lead change under saddle successfully that I know of! Haha! I am so excited, I cannot wait to do it tomorrow! THANK YOU!

            Last I heard, the externs are to meet Berin at the Intern tack room tomorrow morning at 8:30 am… I have no idea as to what we are going to do all day, so you know as much as I do! So I will see you then?! :o) Mariah

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