Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Externship – DAY 23 – Horsemanship, Horsenality Help and

     This morning we got on up out of the bed quite enthusiastically knowing we were going to play with our horses this morning. We crept outside expecting a blistering wind to hit our faces, but it seemed to have calmed down today. We cleaned up, fed and ate a bite of breakfast then met Berin at the intern tack room for our morning get together… we ran over happily to the arena to play flag football. Guess what? I SCORED! Yeah, the silly little right brained extrovert scored! I ran and screamed long an loud enough to score… I am quite proud of myself!

     We groomed our horses and snapped on our 45 foot lines to play with trailer loading with the group, everyone did an excellent job! We departed as we all lined out after our try to go play seperately in our own areas. Sundance and I rode bareback and bridless, without a carrot stick (just a string on my wrist). We hadn’t done that since last October, since before the fast track. I wasn’t sure about it since I started the fast track since Sundance has discovered that horses actually do have another emotion besides sleep! Ha ha! But I got the gut up to do it, and I enjoyed it very much, I am glad we did it.

     He did well, I have found that it is much easier for me to ride Sundance bareback than with a saddle on… how interesting? That’s why I am wanting to get a saddle that is my size, a 17 inch rather than the 17.5 that I have and in a Parelli Ranch Roper, which has a rough out material that helps your seat stick! Hopefully someone will have one for sale soon, I sure hope so.

Afterwards we met up with the rest of the course participants to separate into 4 different groups, each group for each horsenality and you went to the group for the innate horsenality your main levels horse shows… of course Sundance is innately Left Brained Introvert, I don’t know what he is now though… I have no idea, I do believe I will fill out a chart on him right now here on the computer so you and I can see how he is right now at this moment.

Positive Attributes Chart Sundance

How interesting! I could HARDLY find him on the regular horsenalilty chart but I could fill in a ton on the positive attributes, hmmmm? THAT is very exciting, maybe we are getting somewhere?! Anyway, we all broke into groups and had one person assigned as a secretary to write everything down and everyone spoke out a parelli-ism they found helpful for them and their partner. They are tips we are to use to help our students that we are going to teach in the future. :o)

We joined everyone at the precision pen where we watched Pat and Martin Black receive lessons from Walter Zettl. We cleaned, did chores, ran to publix and I came back and rode Sundance in his bosal… and on the first try he did a flying change! Oh my gosh! I am so excited, I got off, I hope we didn’t loose anything and hopefully we will pick right up on a good spot tomorrow and get it even better… wish us luck, I am nervous, keep us in your thoughts as we progress through something so sensitive and important in our journey.

Tomorrow we are to meet Berin at 8:30 am bright and early for our meeting and get our assignments for the day, hopefully we will get to do some good horsemanship… if it doesn’t rain! Eek! We will see! Talk with you then…. Mariah

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