Friday, February 11, 2011

Externship – DAY 24 – Rain, Q & A with Pat Parelli, Session with Mark Weiler, Walter Zettl Lessons and Patrick Hanley

     We woke up to the sound of rain on our roof, what a beautiful sound. It sounds like adventure! I wonder what we will do today? We ran out and hurriedly fed our horses, grabbed breakfast then came back and mucked in the wet… we scurried to the tack room to meet Berin to get our assignments, we have quite exciting weeks ahead of us! We were sent to the Lodge to listen to Pat, he gave us an inspiring session as always! Here is a tid-bit of what he talked about…

  • · Play to win, don’t play to lose.
  • · His Needs, Her Needs – Book Recommended Reads
  • - Think and Grow Rich
  • · Richest Man in Babylon – Recommended Reads

Dressage “Dresseur” – French – The highest Level of __________ .

Dressage is not just a discipline, dresseur can be achieved in every sport of horsemanship.

Afterwards, Mark Weiler had some great points on business and the future of Parelli which is BEYOND exciting. I feel I am here at the right time for a reason, I can’t wait to help this program grow…. I have so much energy to put into it, I came here ready to work so I am ready to do everything I can. The 2 star course ends tomorrow so hopefully after that is over I can really apply myself and work with the group which I am very excited about. Here are a couple of points that Mark brought up in our conversation this morning…

  • · Fear is the perception that you do not have the resources to deal with the current situation, YOU do have the resources.
  • · Trade lessons with people that will help you in your business and your future.
  • · Show and inspire rather than tell and push.
  • · Money is a byproduct of excellence.
  • Without Finance there is no romance! Winking smile

We broke for lunch then made our way to the dressage arena and watched Walter give Linda Parelli a lesson on West Point and then Amy Bowers on Sapphire… West Point looked like a totally different horse today, I hardly recognized him!  When his emotions are where they should be, confident, he looks like a different horse!

We came in and did a Q & A session with Patrick Hanley then walked across the street to take care of  my Fabio…  grabbed some dinner and did chores! We are to be meeting in the morning at the intern tack room at 8:30 am with Berin, hopefully we will have another good day tomorrow.


Kerrin said...

Your blog is looking GREAT, Mariah! Its lovely to read about your externship, and everything you're learning. Your positive outlook shines through :)

Keep at it!

Kerrin Koetsier
Parelli Central

Elizabeth said...

Mariah, I really look forward to your blog each day and thank you for this gift of your time for us.

Jeanne said...

Thank you for posting with such diligence. It is always inspiring, and I learn so much. I really like what Mark said about fear; absorbing that into my own personal philosophy.

Jeanne (aka wyldehorse63)