Sunday, February 13, 2011

Externship - DAY 26–Saddle Fitting Demo

We were lucky enough to find out that class didn’t start until 10:00 am! So we got up regular 6:00 am time, did chores and ran to the hotel where my parents stay and ate a wonderful breakfast. We came back to the center and attended the saddle fitting demo which talks about the topics covered at

It is our responsibility to learn how to become an expert rider for our horses benefit… this does not mean advanced maneuvers. It refers to Balance, Posture and Fluidity.

The demo was wonderful and say horses, and particularly one horse, transformed! An externs horse looked and acted like a TOTALLY different horse once ridden in a Parelli saddle, the crowd went crazy!

Later on Letitia and Tina helped Sundance and I…. great ideas, looks like I will be investing in some more shims for Fabio! I am staying in the nice spacious luxurious hotel with my family tonight, the shower is HUMUNGOUS!  It looks like we will be doing chores, laundry and going to support the Parelli Western Performance team for the local show on reining cow horses! How exciting, I will fill you in on that tomorrow… sweet dreams! Smile

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