Thursday, February 17, 2011

Externship – DAY 31–Horsemanship, Facility, Sundance’s Pedicure and Weekly Meeting

This morning I woke up at my regular beautiful early morning time, peaceful and alone to meditate and be thankful for all of the amazing blessings that I have been given. I ate breakfast at the trailer, yay for microwavable meals! I gave Sundance a quick shower and met up with the group, our group leader was later because of a meeting, so we all started on our own with a fun name game that involves hitting people with a pool noodle! We started a really fun and engaging game of soccer, it was a total blast! Berin made his way this way and we played online with our tasks and soon saddled up to play with “controlled catastrophe”.

I ended up not riding as I saw that Sundance was having a hard time with his leads which he never does, I called Jim Crew, and he said that since we are going through corrective shoeing that will happen when he is due. Since I knew I needed him balanced to play with him tonight or tomorrow I decided to get him done that afternoon. I rode Sundance to lunch across the road and tied him up to rest by a tree, I went to eat and then to my facility rotation here I learned a lot of interesting and fun things from Jim Kiser about facility management, I really enjoyed learning from him and look forward to more.

I hopped on Sundance and rode him up to Pat’s Performance barn so Jim could work on him. Jim had me ride around so he could analyze his movements, he took him into the shack. I watched the whole time and Jim explained what Sundance’s body was doing and how it was changing and how he was going to accommodate and help him create positive patterns and positive growth in his body. About half way through or less of that time, Sundance seemed to mentally be a different horse. I hopped on him and tested him out, he felt so much smoother in his body and transitions and his emotions! Holy cow! I felt like I had my old Sundance back, it’s amazing how if something is off in a horses body it can effect their emotions that much!

At 5:30  pm we had our weekly meeting with all the students on campus, including the campus leaders. It is always inspiring and really gives you a positive mental picture of the relationships that goes on within the campus. The days go by so fast here, I have no idea as to what we will be doing tomorrow! I do know it will be very good, today was a very amazing day.

I talked with Marc De Champlain and I am beyond, WAY BEYOND excited to work with him. I know for a fact this is a once and a lifetime opportunity as to how he is working with me, the quality of time he is putting in, the length and how amazing and rare the things that had to be set up to actually be able to do this… I am blown away, I can only pray I will be able to take in all of the information as I need to and grasp it and really make something of it. I feel so blessed, I only hope I can be who I need to be to carry through on with all I have been blessed with! We still have a few details to figure out with traveling to his farm in Georgia but is all a GO right now!

I am very tired at the moment, but I can’t go to sleep without telling all of you that has gone on, it gets a little addicting! Hopefully I will have some good things to share with you tomorrow, I look forward to it…

Mariah Helms

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