Monday, February 28, 2011

Externship - Day 42 -

My internet service is down! I am trying to update from my phone. Today was a wonderful day spent having some very eye opening wonderful horsemanship session with Berin on masterying hindquarter and forquarter yeilds then fuild rein at trot. Sundance really got it today for the first time, I had never felt it before but it feels like lighting between you and your horse that goes through your whole body. WOW! I jumped off and thanked him for trying so hard. We broke for lunch then my group went and hayed for the afternoon, it's hard but I LOVE IT. We got back in time for some of the friends to get together to practice soccer for the tournament coming up against the apprentices and proteges. We had dinner and helped clean up, ran an errand and took care of my sweet baby. I finally got a nice shower, feels so good to be clean after a hay run! Looking forward to tomorrow, probably
horsemanship then a teaching rotation. It might rain, but that's a whole nother adventure to come! Talk soon!

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