Friday, February 11, 2011

Externship–DAY 25–Traveling Circling Game, Q & A with Mariah, Mark Weiler Discussion,

Externship–DAY 25–Traveling Circling Game, Mark Weiler Discussion and Graduation

          We woke up this morning happy knowing that we should be doing horsemanship! We all went through our morning routine and met to play  backwards football, it gets more and more fun every time we play! I love the game, it really gets your blood pumping and the group laughing… it is a wonderful way to start a day ! Afterwards we broke and Berin talked about quality send and allow on the 45 foot line, we all broke up into our own areas and played with this task, Sundance had a BLAST with this task today…. Go go go! 

          It seems from what Berin is saying that we are going to start out Monday working with Nate Bowers and the team of drafts, how exciting! I am also supposed to be helping the team check in with a couple other students on Monday morning, very glad I got picked to help out for this! Saturday there is a saddle shimming clinic we are to watch, then Sunday Pat and his crew are going to compete in a cow horse competition so we will try to be there to support him! I am also very excited because my family is scheduled to be here today at 4:00 pm, including my sweet Australian Shepherd, Heidi… they will be here for the weekend, it will be so great to see them!


Finesse vs. Dressage

          Finesse is precision riding, dressage is a sport. Finesse is practiced in dressage, but dressage is not practiced but PREPARED for in Finesse. Finesse is one of the four savvies, dressage is a specialization like other sports such as reining. I don’t DO reining yet but a lot of what I do looks just like it because I am going towards that specialization during our foundation in Freestyle and Finesse. Finesse can be one handed with a western bit or two handed in an english bit! Hope that cleared some things up for you. Smile

Follow the Rail

           As for your questions regarding the 2 hour follow the rail game, there were about 10 participants and 10 horses in the group with Berin heading it and keeping an eye on everyone. We were in there about 2 hours as we watched all horses work on their impulsion on follow the rail, so I did not go the whole 2 hours but learned from staying there and working on my horse while everyone else did. As to my answer for how long you should do follow the rail? As long as it takes, take the time it takes. Don’t have a time in mind, don’t limit your time… Use the core value “Put the Relationship First!”.


          7 Balances of Life by Pat Parelli          Mark Weiler talked with us about the student programs and instructorship, very inspiring! I am not sure if everyone knows about the education pathway that students can now take here at Parelli University? Come as a temporary employee at the Florida or Colorado Campus to earn money towards your Parelli Natural Horsemanship University Education (any course, and program on campus)… email Brian Drake at for more information!

          We broke for lunch then joined Ryan Rose for talks about the Audition and grading process, afterwards everyone was given their 2 star certificates and boy was it exciting! I ran back to the foundation station and cleaned stalls, fed and did some facility clean up! I hurried and tacked Sundance up and played a bit, as soon as I got done warming up online my family drove up! I was so happy! My family was so happy to be here and I am so happy to have them here, I so glad they could get the time off to see me here and get a real taste of me living my dream… I love my family so very much. They just left for their hotel and we are meeting back up again in the morning, they will be staying the weekend… I cannot wait to see them in the morning.

          Anyway, we gave hugs and then I finished my session with Sundance which went AMAZINGLY! I am riding him in a bosalita,  it was his sixth ride in it and we are picking up contact and it is making so much sense to hi,m so he is feeling really well. I am going to work a good bit more in the bosalita then start putting the Parelli B3 bit over it, so I will have two reins to go back and forth with to play with different feels with the two… which I am very excited about. After I put him up I went out to eat with my family then came back and helped in the kitchen, at least I tried but the kitchen crew was doing such an amazing job we couldn’t find anything to help with! AWESOME JOB GUYS! The family went to the hotel, and I am going to make my way to bed, we have a busy weekend ahead! Good stuff though, it is all electrifying.

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