Friday, February 18, 2011

Externship–DAY 32- Ties and Spurs Session, Horsemanship, Kallie and Set up for Parelli Games

Today started as a normal beautiful morning, we played soccer then met up with Berin. Liz, one of our sweet externs from England had a birthday today so we all ate cake then grabbed our 12 foot line and did a lap of jump rope around the tack room for the heck of it! Berin gave us a great interactive talk about correct tying, he played with a horse that had tying problems then we talked about spurs. Spurs are a YES in higher levels for refined communication, just some fun and VERY eye opening homework to our assumptions of what spurs are harsh and which ones aren’t… go to your local tack shop and take every different type of spur and test them by feeling them against your ribs, REALLY cool stuff, you will be very surprised.

We all went and tacked our horses up and met with Berin around the intern tack room where there are tilled paths of patterns around round pens, we used it to instill positive patterns in our horses and it gave me some great arrows to use with my beautiful gift of a partner. It was too soon time for lunch and decided to let Sundance join me across the road for the rest of the afternoon, so we carried a bag of hay with us across the road. We rode over peacefully through the majestic ranch and found him a quiet tree to relax by while I had lunch. After lunch we were invited up to beside Pat’s house where the weanlings are kept to watch Kallie, so I rode him over there.

At 3:30 pm we had a meeting with Kirsti Smith to get ready for the play day on campus at the morning, so we made our way to the instructor room and talked about the next day ahead. We headed out to the play ground and set things up, Sundance came with us with his sweet ways and helped out… often trying to play with the chalk marker, at least he was trying! We made our way back to the foundation where he got a smooth deserving bath and a bunch of fresh hay… a great way to end the day! I had a chance to work on a project during dinner, got some ice cream and came back to take care of my pony. I will be up extra early and dressed extra special for the setting up and execution of the Parelli Games… we are expecting a huge crowd, we are excited to see all of the faces and opportunities. Hopefully it will all go smoothly…

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