Saturday, February 19, 2011

Externship–DAY 33–Energetic Atmosphere

Groups B and D were in charge of helping with the Parelli Games, we had our work cut out for us! There were 50 plus people from off campus then a good bit of the fast track participants! The atmosphere was absolutely energetic and inspiring, I thoroughly enjoyed watching, interacting and helping out all the different personalities and learning how to speak to them at exactly where they are at. People are pretty cool, TOTALLY different than horses though and much more challenging. Don’t you think it would be easier for us to interact with our own species being that we are exactly the same, than for us to interact and co-exist with a totally opposite species? I thought wrong, but now I get to see how in the levels I can get with human rapport!

The Parelli Games ended with very inspirational spotlights full of talented individuals! It’s great to see them be brave enough to do this, it gave me great insight as I am one of those that really love doing them but am very nervous about doing things like it… now I can be a viewer and know that no one is “judging” me, but they are with me in the journey at that moment, crying with me, laughing with me, cringing with me and enjoying every moment. It really isn’t anything to be nervous about, I am sure I can use this experience the next time I do something in front of a crowd.

After Parelli games we went and did the shopping that needed to be done and came back for a mandatory meeting for all mastery students, led by Sue Shoemark and Mark Weiler. All it was was a bunch of inspirational stuff, as expected! Great to hear from some of the leaders of Parelli. It was also awesome to see Mark Weiler get his red string! GO MARK, You are definitely never better ever!

After the meeting I had a chance to do some chores and play with Sundance at liberty, I didn’t ride him today as he worked very hard yesterday. We played our games as I sat on the fence, it seems very interesting to him that he has to understand the games and perform while I sit on the fence! He was so intrigued and we had a very good time, I am very proud of him trying so hard. We played with invisible aids, were learning a lot. He is teaching me a ton about lightness, it’s amazing just how light and sensitive horses really are.

I put him in his stall to rest and munch on hay, now I have the chance to update for you! Sarah and Zoe are still out there playing, I think I am going to work on a project then all of us will run over to the lodge to try to find some dinner. So far I have no plans but to do laundry and meet up with the Parelli Saddles Reps, hopefully I will be ordering a Parelli Ranch roper… I have my fingers crossed! Talk with you all soon…

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